Pull Out Kitchen Taps – Black is the Colour

kitchen taps

When you’re choosing taps for a kitchen, it’s best to consider your options carefully and choose the best possible tap for the required job rather than simply selecting the cheapest taps available.

When you buy a kitchen tap, you don’t just buy a tap but rather invest in something that may last you a lifetime if done right like any other investment. By investing a little more, you are promised the kitchen tap with the performance and efficiency you need without having to worry about replacements and repairs.

When choosing a kitchen tap, understand the style of your kitchen – is it contemporary or traditional? There are a number of taps options available in both modern and conventional vintage designs to suit any kitchen interior. Victorian style vintage kitchen taps will be ideal for farmhouse kitchen, while modern kitchen taps fit contemporary and designer kitchens.

Modern kitchen taps demonstrate clever features, which is ideal in today’s busy lifestyle to save time on everyday chores. The kitchen spray tap is becoming an increasingly popular option; it features a pull-out spray that allows you to clean pots or pans easily before you pop the pots in the dishwasher. A pull-out kitchen tap also provides a super-easy way to clean fruit and veggies.

There are even kitchen taps that supply instant hot water for tea and coffee.

Kitchen taps with a swivel spout can be moved out of the way for easier access to the sink.

There’s also a range of finishes available that blend perfectly with any kitchen interior. 

When searching for a brand new kitchen tap, you will notice a variety of finishes to make your choice from stainless steel, chrome, gold, nickel, white and black. Chrome has always been a classic favourite, but a matt black finish is becoming a prevalent choice among interior designers and homeowners.

kitchen taps

Black kitchen taps are ideal for making a statement in any contemporary kitchen and are becoming popular day by day for those with a designer taste. A matt black finish provides a perfect alternative to chrome; if you are looking for something unique, it will surely stand out in any kitchen interior. Choosing a black kitchen tap gives you not one but many reasons to opt for.

Choose something different

Kitchen taps usually feature steel or a chrome finish, and all though these are perfectly fine, sometimes you want something to stand out to set your kitchen apart. Having a black kitchen tap is a perfect way to achieve this and is very surprising too in an excellent way.

Black is THE Colour

When you fit a black kitchen tap, you can be assured that it will stand the test of time, even as interior trends change from season to season. Black will always remain the trend of the season yet add a contemporary touch to your kitchen. Whether your kitchen features an all-white minimalist décor or a bold red gloss theme, black kitchen taps fit in just effortlessly. 

Trending new resource-efficient black kitchen taps

Black kitchen taps with the latest technology can help save water efficiently. Some of the latest technology features for kitchen taps are leak-proof, reserving the water wastage without any drips or leaks. Kitchen taps with advanced multi-functions, including water spray that jet power away stubborn messes or taps that swivel 360 degrees and toggle between full and needle spray that dock easily with magnetic docking, are a perfect modern choice for a contemporary kitchen.


 Matching tips for your kitchen

  • Amalgamate the finish of your kitchen taps with cabinet handles or storage canister

  • Incorporate the colour and material of your sink with the tap, for example, brushed or stainless steel paired with each other.

  • Water hardness varies across the UK so, in hard water areas, consider buying a tap with a built-in filter to reduce limescale build-up

  • The water pressure of your tap needs to be compatible with your home’s water pressure. Gravity-fed systems have low pressure, while combi boilers have a higher pressure,

  • Ultimately, the choice of kitchen tap also depends on the way the kitchen tap is used and in what kind of environment for its longer life.

Whether you’re after a traditional kitchen tap or designer kitchen taps that feature contemporary looks, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect one.

kitchen taps


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