How to Spot a Bad Contractor

We rely on contractors to ensure that our homes are safe and that we don't throw away thousands of dollars on a bad deal. However, a bad contractor could leave you in major debt for something you didn't need or could do a poor job and leave you in a home that doesn't function correctly.

These are the top ways to recognize a bad contractor and how to avoid them ever coming into contact with your home.

They Don't Have Any Reviews

Do they have any reviews or personal accounts from working with them?  Try to find someone who's had work done by them before, and figure out if they suit what you need.  You don't need to find out every detail about their life; it's not like they're Bellevue houses for sale; you just need to ensure that they're someone you're willing to work with for the long term.

They Offer Far Too Quick of a Turnaround Time

Do they offer you far too much for far too little money?  If so, they could be scamming you for the deposit.  Anyone can put together a site and steal other people's pictures to look legitimate.  Unfortunately, not every contractor you see can be trusted.  If everything they're offering sounds too good to be true, research it to ensure that it's real and not just someone trying to steal your money.  

They’re Hard to Get into Contact With

Have you reached out to this contractor, only to have them lean you several times?  If that's the case, it could be that they're flighty.  Working on a home is a personal thing, and although your contractor doesn't need to become your best friend, they do need to be available when a problem comes up.  Hire someone you know you can communicate with.

The Images They Use As Their Previous Work

If you’re finding this person through their website, or social media posting, you should reverse image search the pictures they claim as their previous work.  If they're trustworthy, the images will only show up on their sites and the social media of their clients.

If they're stolen images, they'll show up in other sites and magazines while being credited to someone else.  If they can't even supply their pictures, they're not someone you want to trust.

They Refuse to Softball a Price

 Although no contractor can predict how much a project will cost down to the penny, you should have at least a general idea of what you're getting into.  If they refuse to talk numbers with you, they're either scamming you, or they're trying to lure you in deep enough that they can spring an insane bill on you. Instead, ask for a ballpark amount of how much a project like this has cost before, and see if you’re comfortable with it.

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