Get Ready for Work in Half the Time

We’ve all been there. Dazed, confused, we look at our alarm clock in horror as we realise that we’ve overslept. With only half the time to get ready, how do we get to work looking 100% gorgeous? Don’t despair; you can still look effortlessly hot. Just follow our advice and you’ll get into the office with time to spare.


Hair With Volume

So you’ve had the fastest shower of your life. Blow dry your hair until it’s fairly dry with your hair upside down, then wrap it up into head-top bun and clip it into place. Go about fixing yourself some breakfast and doing your makeup as usual. Only when you get to the door should you let your hair down and give it a ruffle. Instant volume. You’re welcome. 


Choose makeup products like Ofra Cosmetics which have more than one application. Tinted moisturiser is the perfect example of a beauty aid which cuts time in half. Perfect for summer, a light smattering of makeup is all you need to look fresh and fabulous. Some eyeshadows can become blushers and likewise, face creams can be used to tidy up messy hair strands. Play around with your beauty products to see how you can get more mileage out of your makeup.


Have a plan set-up for those days when you’re running late, or use ours: apply your foundation with a brush over the majority of your face. Be thorough, and blend it in. Don’t forget to do your eyelids, as this can double up as a pseudo primer. Take a concealer and place under your eyes for instant highlights.

There’ll be no time for bronzer, but wake up your face with a nice blush and apply high on the cheekbones for that extra lift. Using a deep mauve, go over the eyelid and then brush into the creases to create a deeper frame.

You won’t be able to use your eyeliner, so make sure you have a super-volume mascara in your makeup box. Get really close to the roots of your lashes for that extra lift. And for the final finish, go quickly around your lips in a nude pencil and blend it through. Apply a layer of nude lip gloss and quickly touch-up with your pencil again.

Of course, you can adjust this routine, whatever your look. The only condition is that you must be done in five minutes or under. Don’t go for complicated colours, there are makeup palletes that can be used together, just stick to a beautiful but natural finish.

Create Good Habits

If you force yourself to hang up your outfit the night before, you’ll spend less time agonising over your wardrobe and more time making yourself look great. Always iron your clothes beforehand, as this will eat into your morning schedule. Something that takes ten minutes in the evening seems to take twice as long when you’re half asleep.

Always Eat Breakfast

Not eating breakfast shows up in your face and missing meals does no-one any favours. No amount of make-up can cover up lack of energy. Keep serviettes in the house and eat morning toast on the way to work.

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