6 Tips in Embracing the New Normal

Adapting, adjusting and embracing the new normal could be a difficult challenge for all of us. The Covid-19 virus and its mutated strains global pandemic is ceaselessly impacting our way of life and drastically forced us to establish new habits.

Different types of Covid-19 vaccines have been developed by internationally legendary scientists and researchers like Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Pfizer, Sinopharm and more. These vaccines were developed to prevent the illness, suppress transmission and scale back mortality. However, we all know that these were all newly developed vaccines, though proven effective in clinical trials, still most of us are worried in their possible side effects particularly to people with underlying health conditions. Still the choice is yours if you wish to be immunized.

One thing is certain, we are living in a situation that has never happened in this lifetime. Embracing the new normal, the sudden shift in our way of life can be challenging. Here are some thoughts and tips on how to embrace the new normal.

New Normal: Wearing of masks, face shields and physical distancing.

Depending on where in the world you live in, wearing of protective mask, face shield and social distancing will be a standard health protocol. Remember that queuing is now the norm whether you go grocery shopping, riding a public transport or even getting in a lift.

embracing the new normal

Handwashing and personal hygiene.

Hand sanitizers are a common sight in most public places; yet, it is still recommended to bring along with you your own personal sanitizing kit whenever you go on a trip outside. Keep in mind that when you go out, there is always the risk of contracting the virus and possible contamination can be passed on to your household members. So, as much as possible stay at home.

Go for cashless payments and transactions.

The Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating the trend toward a cashless economy. Touch-free payments is more convenient rather than using the physical cash. You can do bills payment, order food delivery and grocery shopping just by using your mobile phones or computers.

embracing the new normal
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Stay connected with family and friends.

Just because we are encouraged to stay at home doesn’t mean that we need to get disconnected to our family and friends. We can still remain connected with our loved ones in different ways: online catch ups with the use of the video chat apps, and other social media platforms.

Social greetings

Social greetings have transformed. No to hugs, cheek-kisses and handshakes. Friendly gestures are now replaced by elbow bumps, waves from a distance or foot-shakes.

Work from home and online education

The present pandemic changed the mode of learning for students. Online education or e-learning has been exercised by most schools. Most businesses and offices embarked on working from home, thus, making your home a workplace and a temporary school as well. To adjust on the new set-up, it is best to create a new routine.

embracing the new normal

The year 2020 marked as the beginning of having to let go of our old normal. This pandemic brought drastic change and impact on our way of life, finances, environment and economy. Many of us are still struggling to embrace and settle into what seems to be our new normal, but life has to go on so stay safe, be strong, and healthy as this too shall pass.


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