Choosing a Fence Style for your Home

With a wide array of available choices for residential fence design, some homeowners find it difficult to choose the best fence style that will complement their yard or landscape. Thus, if in doubt, it will be a wise and smart move to seek the advise of a professional who can help you choose the right fence design that can meet your requirements.

A fence can complement your home in some interesting ways while confining it. Some of the benefits of owning a fence are as follows:

Fence for child and pet safety

Most fences are installed for security purposes.  Building a fence around your house provides extra protection if you have kids around. It can protect your pets as well from from pet thieves and accidents.


Enhance home safety in style with a good fence. A simple or ornate fence
can add more privacy to your property.

Fence Style for Architectural enhancement

Fences with traditional designs can enhance your outdoor landscape, thus can add property value.

A fence  does not only define boundaries but is also used for decorative purposes, can also protect landscaping and can improve your home’s curb appeal.

There are different fence styles to choose from such as picket, dog ear, ornamental, post and rail, gothic, shadow box, crossbuck, basket-weave, swimming pool fence, privacy fence and more. Fences can also be made from different materials like wood, vinyl, metal, aluminum, steel, wrought iron or bamboo.

A traditional and popular fence choice for residential homeowners which has been around for many decades is the picket fence. The classical picket fencing is visually appealing as it add charm and beauty to a home yard to any setting. Moreover, picket fences can be custom designed to fit and complement the style of a home.

Lastly, before installing a fence, it is essential to choose the best fencing material that can last for a long period of time and be mindful to have it constructed conforming to local code and complying with your homeowners’ association rules.

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