Family Bonding Suggestions during Covid-19 Pandemic

During the past few months of COVID-19 pandemic and until now, many find themselves within the confines of their homes. My family and I are no exceptions. With all the time in the world, anyone would expect that it will be easy to bond with the people they are with. As so it happens, it is not that simple. There are many things to choose from, and many preferences that need to be met. Most importantly though, you are looking to make the experience of family bonding as fun as possible. 

While there have been many articles explaining how to build bonds, bonding activities are still mostly subjective. It is best to take your time and see which activities works best for you and the people around you. Here are some suggestions for bonding activities you should try to partake in!

family bonding

Binge Watching Shows!

Binge watching is not a new activity, but it is the best family bonding activity right now. By having a show that everyone in the house watches, you are guaranteed to have a topic at the dinner table. Everyone will be able to share their opinions of the show, and have a generally good time. This also gives parents an idea to what their children likes to watch. Parents can take this idea and try to watch similar shows so they can have something more in common with their children!

Playing/Watching Video Games!

While video games can be a controversial topic, only you can decide if it is safe or not. There are plenty of safe and family friendly games out there that everyone can enjoy. Playing these games along with your children or parents can open a new channel of bonding. Yes, not everyone has a good gaming PC or a gaming console. However, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy games or video games as a whole! You can watch these games through playthroughs online. Fortunately, many of these games have incredible and deep storylines behind them. This can spark an interesting discussion between family members!

Wearing Similar Clothes!

This activity sounds silly compared to the first two. However, this activity is more of a symbolic one! Couples usually wear similar clothes to represent how close they are. There is no rule stating that it cannot apply to family members! Wearing similar clothes can be fun and cost efficient. With also everyone staying in home, it’s a chance to wear family matching Christmas pajamas! Unfortunately, going out just to buy matching clothes with the family is not viable right now. Fret not though as there are brands like Lazy One that can ship out matching pajamas! These extra new clothes can also be used for any future sleepovers.

family bonding

Trying new Hobbies is one of the most suggested family bonding activity!

With more time in your hands, it can be difficult to find something to do with it. Trying to discover new hobbies can be a good way to spend it! By having other members share the new hobby as well, you can motivate yourself to continue even further. This shared activity can bring the family together a lot stronger. This can also be a good time for parents to pass down some skills to their children; like cooking!

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