8 Top Tips to Save Water at Home

save water at home

Water is one of  the most important basic needs in human life.  Water is involved not only for our bodies to function but also needed to produce agricultural products, home cleaning, cooking, doing the laundry, and many more. 

With the El Niño phenomenon dry spell looming this first quarter of 2019 in the Philippines, more and more areas all over the country are struggling with droughts. Dams and river basins are now beginning to go below the water level that is why conserving water is more important than ever. Cutting back on water use will help conserve a precious resource and lower your water bill as well.

Lately, one of Metro Manila’s water concessionaires is already limiting its water supply, resulting in less or no water at all to some areas. So, here are top tips to save water at home.

1. Make sure to store your water in clean water containers with close lids. Position them where you can easily access when needed, like the comfort room and near the kitchen sink. Also, use a water dipper or “tabo” to get clean water.

2. Use a drinking glass or any counterpart when you brush your teeth.

3. Use a small basin to wash your dishes. If budget allows, another alternative is to use disposable plates, spoon and fork and paper cups for the meantime until water service gets back to normal.

4. Instead of car washing, use water-less car cleaners for the meantime while water is scarce.

5. Run the washing machine only in full loads. Half-loads add up to many gallons of wasted water.

6. Flush with less. To reduce water usage in flushing the toilet, use a small pail of water. When taking a bath, use “timba and tabo” or water dipper and big water bucket. Moreover, the use of a leave-on conditioner is an alternative rather than an after shampoo conditioner that needs rinsing.

7. Repurpose water. Learn to use every drop by re-using grey water. Clean waste water from baths can be used to flush the toilet. While laundry water can be used to water the plants, clean your dog kennel, home floor cleaning and other cleaning needs.

8. Capture Rain water.  It will be wise to have a rain barrel ready to harvest rainwater just in case it rains. Though it is not advisable for food cooking and hygiene usage, it will be a good way to keep your plants hydrated and for toilet flushing.

We cannot function long with no water in the house. So be vigilant, listen or watch the daily news on water interruptions and be patient to store water once it drips from the tap. Also, always remember to cover your barrels and water containers to keep mosquitoes at bay.


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