How to Look Like a Diva on Your Prom

High school kids look forward to their proms for all the fun and festivity that it brings. However, girls have an extra reason to be excited and yet nervous about their proms. Proms lately has emerged as nothing less than fashion pageant where everyone wishes to look like a diva walking down the red carpet. Of course, at this stage, most of us are inspired by celebrity looks and runways but do not have access to professional stylists and designers so you have got to do your own long look. As challenging as it may sound, it is not difficult to do so if you take one baby step at a time and take care of a few things.

Early is Good

The early bird phenomena are very much relevant to your prom preparations as well. The early you start, the better deal you get and then you can plan your look without being in a rush. Prom dress can be incredibly expensive so some people do take advantage of Black Friday and other similar sale seasons to grab their prom gowns in advance for dirt-cheap prices. If you are lucky enough to stumble on something that is a perfect fit for you and is on sale, by all means, grab it. If you fail to find any ready to wear clothing, early planning also allows you enough room to get your outfit customized.

Wear Your Confidence

Regardless of what you wear and how you look, do not let anything override your confidence level. Oozing confidence and taking pride in yourself is the most important thing. Self-awareness is great but make sure you cross over the line and push yourself into self-consciousness.

Your Dress

The fashion industry in the recent past has become more diverse and welcoming to different styles at the same time rather than sticking to a single look at any given point. This is a blessing because it is a more inclusive way of being trendy that allows everyone to be on the fashion grid without having to leave their comfort zones. When picking up your prom dress make sure your outfit is in compliance with the dress code and it is something that you are comfortable to wear. Stick to a long prom dress if you are not comfortable with showing your legs, If you do not want to reveal your skin but still want to have an off shoulder feel, there are some really pretty illusion styles available in the market too.

Makeup and Accessories

Do not go overboard with your makeup and accessories especially if your dress is already very detailed. You can use some bold colors and heavy accessories if your dress is plain or a lot of bare skin is showing, but if you have a fully covered dress or a heavily embellished one, let your heavy accessories pass. If you are a fan of bold and vibrant colors on your face, use them either on the face or on the lips. Do not splatter all your face with color no matter how well you blend it.


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