Clearing Up The Controversy: What Is CBD Oil?

 CBD Oil

You have probably heard about cannabidiol (CBD) oil on the grapevine. But you’re probably still wondering ‘what is CBD oil’?

It’s health benefits are being raved about more and more, and rightly so in our eyes.

As well as being a massive help with skin conditions and other external disorders, CBD oil can have mental health benefits too.

Despite there being plenty of research behind CBD oil and its uses, there is undeniably some controversy surrounding the product.

This is understandable because immediately when people hear the word ‘cannabis’ in a product, they think illegal. Through no fault of their own, most of the general public are uneducated about the makeup of CBD oil so automatically assume it is dangerous or against the law.

In actual fact, CBD oil is completely legal and does not contain the pesky ingredient THC which causes psychoactive effects. CBD oil comes from hemp, not marijuana, which, although they are from the same plant, are very different. So you can rest easy when trying CBD oil, you won’t feel ‘high’ whatsoever.
In actual fact, to further clear up the question of ‘what is CBD oil’, the human body naturally produces cannabinoids itself and has two types of receptors for this chemical to bind to.

Instead of the cannabinoids from CBD oil attaching to receptors themselves, they actually just encourage the body to use more of its own. By attaching to certain receptors, cannabinoids can positively influence inflammation and pain.

Cool, right? We think so.

Where can you buy CBD oil?

Although CBD oil is completely safe and natural, you should make sure you buy yours from a safe and respectable supplier. Natural Hemp Co. provide a range of high quality, organic, additive-free and even vegan CBD oil. CBD oil comes in a variety of forms and Natural Hemp Co. give you the option to use it how you think best.

Do you vape? Go for the e-liquid. Do you want to use it as a natural cooking oil? Go for the drops or paste. Do you want to see if it can help with your acne? Go for the balm. You see what we mean? CBD oil is completely versatile.

As well as offering a range of useful CBD products, Natural Hemp Co. have a complete CBD oil guide. So if there were any lingering questions you had about how and if to use it, have a read.

So now we’ve answered ‘what is CBD oil’, how can it be used?

If you suffer from chronic pain or another kind of inflammatory disorder, you have probably purchased a number of over the counter drugs to try and make your life easier.

However, although these might work to an extent, they are highly unnatural. CBD oil offers a completely natural and organic alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. It’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties mean it should most definitely be the next thing you try.

Perhaps you’re a smoker and trying to quit, CBD oil may also be able to help. The properties in the oil can help curb cravings and reduce any negative side effects from withdrawal like mood swings, anxiety and insomnia.

The benefits don’t stop there either, CBD oil has been heavily praised for its mental effects too. People suffering from anxiety and/or depression have found that once they got past the initial worry of ‘what is CBD oil’ and started incorporating it into their lifestyle regularly, the positive effects were clear.

Anxiety can affect people in a variety of ways, but whatever the type, it really does impact quality of life. CBD oil can help to alleviate symptoms of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) by reducing anxiety and the feelings of discomfort when expressing themselves. Whether you suffer from anxiety on a daily basis or it is only triggered in certain situations, it is still worth giving CBD oil a try to give your disorder the middle finger and be the best person you can be.

Hopefully, by reading this, we have cleared up the controversy for you about CBD oil. Now you can go away and decide for yourself whether it is something you would like to give a try.

Don’t end up liking it? It’s not the end of the world.


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