Empowering Women in Subic: Connected Women Subic Hosts An Innovative Meetup Experience

  Exciting news for the women of Subic!  Get ready for the first Connected Women Meetup of 2023 , happening simultaneously in different municipalities across Zambales and beyond. The Connected Women Subic Meetup will be hosted by Jen Cajucom and co-hosted by Mitch Carvalho and Lynn Singian. It will be held on February 15, 6pm at Kairos House of Blends , located at the ground floor of the Balai Subik building along National Highway, Mangan-Vaca, Subic. And that's not all. Other municipalities in Zambales will also be holding their own meetups, with Myra Concepcion hosting Connected Women Castillejos, Melissa Moscoso for Connected Women San Felipe and April Mora for Connected Women Olongapo. This will be in conjunction with Connected Women's community-led meetups held all over the Philippines and in other countries. Since 2018, Connected Women meetups in Zambales have been hosted by Jen Cajucom and held as a single meetup for the whole province every 6-weeks. This time around, a

5 Tips to finding a great lawyer

Lawyers are some of the most important professionals you should always have around your life. People think that they should only come in whenever there is trouble. However, that is not the case. If you have one constant expert, you have the benefit of avoiding trouble because they have the law and knowledge at their fingertips. They will also connect you with other professionals within their network.

Today, you will learn some tips to help in finding good lawyers who are worth your money. Here are some of the most vital ones.

1. Consider reasons for hiring one

Lawyers group themselves depending on the cases they can handle. For instance, there are personal injuries lawyers, criminal lawyers, real estate lawyers, and so on. You should hire a lawyer depending on the industry you find yourself in, and the case that you have in any court.

Carry out some prior research before you settle for any professional. Review their website and the services that they can give. Additionally, face-to-face interviews are good avenues to get the best attorneys. It also helps you to know him on a personal level.

2. Availability

You need to know whether they will be available for you when you need them. You do not want an instance when you are stuck, and you never hear from them when you call them. By the way, factor in the above point when hiring them.

If you were searching for an injury lawyer, it would be best to hire someone who will be available every other hour, whether it is night or day, because that is his or her job. They should be honest about their work, and should be ready to communicate, and tell you of his proceedings if you have given him or her some work to do.

3. Experience

Well, you should always look for someone who knows the ins and outs of a particular subject. Professionals who have been in the business for years will solve every problem eventually. They know whom they should talk to in case of an issue.

With this, it gives you enough reason not to employ amateurs. Sometimes they may not stand the heat when the going gets rough. Therefore, they are not reliable at all.

4. Resources

The most important thing a lawyer should have is networks. They are vital in his career. As he or she progresses, he or she knows some professionals, that he or she relies on. It is a necessity because it gets things done quickly if he or she knows the right strings to pull.

A reputable Chicago personal injury lawyer will offer you extra resources so that you know the way they operate, and you understand the way to get through various hurdles. For example, they can offer you a small booklet about their company or a flyer.

5. Affordability

Price is the most important factor to consider when hiring any professional. It determines whether you will employ him or not. Additionally, professional attorneys will consider their payments depending on the client and the service that they require.

Let them mention their price, their mode of payment, and so forth. They should send in invoices after he or she delivers in a particular issue.


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