4 Ways that Instagram video marketing can help your business

Ever since social networking sites emerged and took the whole world by storm, people have begun to rely on them for a lot of things. First, it was just for staying connected with people, especially for friends and families that are countries apart and living in different time zones. Then business advertisements came, where marketers and owners tried to connect and extend their market abroad. Then finally, Instagram came where high-quality photos and videos with captions are the main tools for connecting with each other. And ever since then, Instagram has become a great platform for business marketing and advertisements. To further elaborate, here are 4 ways that Instagram can help your business grow by Buy Video Views.


1. Extend your Reach

Instagram is a very popular social networking site, with over 500 million active users and over 2 billion of photos being shared every day. With these staggering numbers, the potential reach of your posted video advertisements can be limitless. As long as it is relevant and is well-created, it can reach Instagram users as far you don’t where. Therefore, if you want to reach out and promote your products, then doing it on a platform such as Instagram where photos and videos are of top priority is the best way. Remember that, pictures and videos are the only proof of the quality of your product if you are promoting it on the internet.

2. Cheaper Advertisement Fees

If you try to compare the expenses you will incur if you promote your product the traditional way - using radios, print ads, and even television to just creating an Instagram account and then paying a fee for your advertisement space, then the difference will be off the charts, to the point of it being unfair. Furthermore, the reach of the traditional advertisement will be at most at the national level, whereas, the reach of Instagram can reach up to over 10s of million active and unique users of the social networking site.

3. Stay connected with your clients

Instagram is still a bonafide social networking site where people can communicate and engage with each other. Thus, with your Instagram videos and advertisements, you would be able to stay in touch and at the same time, get feedback and comments from your loyal clients and followers. You can even engage in real-time constructive conversations with your followers by taking advantage of the site’s private messaging system or the popular comment threads.

4. Instagram videos are the trend today

And the greatest benefit that Instagram videos can bring to your business is that everybody wants and trusts Instagram videos. In fact, according to a survey, mobile users most, of the time rely on Instagram videos when searching for business products and services. This is because videos utilize photos, text, and even voice. And with such elements, users can be convinced thoroughly about the product's features and specifications. Therefore, as long as your video has relevant content and is backed-up with trending hashtags and unforgettable captions then your advertisement will most likely reach every Instagram user out there.


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