Perfect Gifts for the Modern Man

If you have a modern man in your life who you’re going to be buying for this year, this is the perfect gift guide for you! Christmas is just around the corner, so you have that to think about. But then again, there’s nothing wrong with treating someone you love for no reason, right? The modern man likes to look good. They enjoy taking care of themselves. They’re up to date with trends. Read on for a list of gifts that are just perfect for the modern man:

A Smart Watch

A man’s wrist is naked without a watch, but now there are so many to choose from. Of course there are regular designer watches, but there are also smart watches to choose from now. They can do just about anything from read out your text messages to get directions. You can also connect many of them with your iPhone. A smart watch is the perfect gift for the modern man.

A Quality Razor

The modern man usually likes to look after himself and take care of his appearance. A quality razor will help him to do just that. There are all kinds of brilliant razors on the market, so make sure you look for one that suits his individual needs.

Phone Charging Men’s Wallet

For the modern man who’s always on the go, a phone charging wallet could be just the ticket. They’ll never have to worry about running out of battery, and they get a stylish wallet too! This is one of the most unique gifts for him you’ll find. If he likes gadgets, you’re on to a winner.

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 Skincare Products

There’s no shame in using skincare products for modern men these days. A good cleanse, toner, and moisturiser can protect their skin and take years off them. Many brands ensure they make the packaging nice and ‘manly’, so men don’t feel like they’re using women's beauty products. He might appreciate a bit of a skincare lesson from you though!

A Salon Treatment

Why not treat the modern man in your life to a salon treatment? This could be a manicure, sport’s massage, or something completely different. There are all kinds of treatments to choose from, so there’s bound to be one to suit the man you have in mind. There’s definitely nothing feminine about having a sport’s massage - those things can hurt! Buy him an open voucher to allow him to pick the treatment for himself.

Tattoo Vouchers

Many modern men like to decorate their bodies with tattoos. You’ve probably noticed! If this is the style of the modern man you have in mind, he’s bound to appreciate a tattoo voucher. Tattoos can get really expensive. It’s art, after all!

If you have a modern man in your life, consider getting him one of the above gifts. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or no reason at all, there’s bound to be something suited to him. Do you have any good ideas? Feel free to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts! 


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