Small Compost Ideas for the City Dwellers

Living in the concrete jungle should not stop you from going green and caring for the environment. There is so many ways for us to conserve and live a greener life even if we are surrounded with buildings and concrete everywhere. Composting is a method used by garderners to accelerate the decay of organic matter and it turns into rich humus which can be used to enrich garden soil. Composting can be achieved using usual waste matters we have at home. “Brown” waste are those that are considered dry such as paper scraps, twigs, dried leaves and other woody matter. “Green” waste on the other hand, are those that are somewhat watery and rich in nitrogen such as food scraps, coffee grounds, vegetable peeling and others.

Food Scraps and Yard Debris Collection in Portland 2010 by Tim Jewett.JPG

A well balanced green and brown waste matter will make the perfect compost, not smelly, faster decaying process and rich dark damp matter. How can you achieve this when you are in the city? These days, composting bins are available at different sizes so you can easily find one that will fit under your kitchen sink or your small terrace garden. You may also want to add a few worms to help hasten the composting process. 

Image source: "Food Scraps and Yard Debris Collection in Portland 2010 by Tim Jewett" by Tim Jewett - City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Commons -


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