Everyday Makeup

Most women have more makeup than they will ever reasonably need. After all, it is too easy to save money on makeup purchases by making use of special promotions and coupons for such shops as Birchbox, and you just never know when certain items are going to come in handy. But how do you know which products to use on a day to day basis? Follow this helpful step by step guide, so that you can step up your everyday makeup game!


Many women use their fingers to apply foundation, when a liquid foundation brush works much better. The fingers can be used to dab your chosen product on the chosen parts of the face, but the brush should be used for proper blending. Brush back and forth to apply foundation to the forehead and chin. For the cheeks, be sure to brush down and away from the center of the face.


For smoother blending of your concealer product, simply add a drop of moisturizer to the brush you are using to add the product. Once the water has been added, dab four times underneath your eyes. Smooth the mixture with your brush, then lightly dab beneath the eyes with the middle finger. This helps to blend the concealer and ensures a more natural look!


It's very important but actually you may have been using the wrong powder brush all along. Most of times, a smaller kabuki brush will get better results! Use it to apply the powder in a circular motion,which creates a natural look by buffering the powder into the skin.


Contouring should be avoided during the day, since it is made for situations with poor lighting. The best brush for your bronzing needs is large and fluffy, as opposed to the smaller brushes women usually use. For the best results, swirl the brush inside of the product, tap it so that the excess product is removed and begin with the cheeks before moving on to the forehead, neck and chin.


Fluffy and dense brushes work best for blush application. Petal pink tones may also work wonders for accentuating your skin tone. Smile while applying blush and don't forget the apples of your cheeks!


To establish a daily eye routine, begin with a shadow that is bone colored. Cover the entire eyelid and use a fluffy shadow brush. Select a taupe color and a dense brush to dab the product between the bottom of the eye and the crease of the cheek. Eyeliner should be applied with powder liner, a small amount of water and an angled brush. As for mascara? Dab your wand on a tissue first, then wiggle it at the route of the eyelashes and sweep in an upward motion.


For those who enjoy bright colored lipstick, apply a small dab to your bottom lip and rub them together. This keeps vibrant colors from becoming too overwhelming. Adding a touch of gloss brings out the color of lipstick just a bit more!


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