Amazing Home Decor Tips to Make Your Small Home Look Bigger

It is the innate desire of everyone to own and live in a big and luxurious home. While some people are lucky to have such big family home and some other are fortunate enough to be able to buy big homes. But, most people who desire to live in a big home more often than not would have to compromise on their dream and live in a small home. However, living in a small home doesn’t mean that you have to feel cramped for space, you can always turn your small home appear larger than its actual size and create a warm, spacious and pleasant décor inside. Here are a few handy tips that would help you accomplish your task.

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Light it up
The light inside the home can make or break the décor. If your house is at a location where there is no sufficient natural light, you can always brighten it up with decorative light to create an illusion that your home is bigger than what it looks like. You can find a wide array of decorative products at online stores like Paytm. You can find lights of all shapes, sizes, designs and patterns. Take your time to browse through the selection of lights and choose the one that best suits the home décor theme you have in mind. Before you pay for your purchases make sure that you check paytm current offers, you may find discount coupons or cashback offers that you can redeem to get attractive discount on your purchase.

Multi-purpose furniture
Every home owner would agree that furniture occupies the largest amount of space in a home. Since you are already compressed of space it is best advised to have minimal amount of furniture and even then ones that you buy make sure that they serve more than one purpose. For instance, you can buy a foldable reading table that can double up as your dining table as well. You can also use it as ironing board. When the table is not in use neatly fold it away in a corner. Remember, the more free space is visible the larger your home appears. You can use the bottom of the bed as a storage space to shove away the things that you don’t want to use daily.

Choose the right paint
Not many people realize that wall paints has a great impact on the home décor. Dark colors are a favorite among many but if you are living in a small home, it is a strict no-no because they make home the space look smaller. Instead, you can choose pale and light color shades like greys, blues, peaches, white and cream. These colors not only look aesthetically appealing but also exude a warm and pleasant aura. Not to mention they create the illusion of your home being light, airy and spacious.

Mirrors and excellent disguise to make your small home appear big. Several interior designers recommend using big size mirrors against a single wall, to create and illusion of a large space.


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