5 Ways to Be an Effective Leader

Good companies are underpinned by effective leaders – people who know how to inspire confidence and guide a company in the right direction. Specialists such as Predictable Success understand how to grow organisations and develop leaders with strong convictions, clear vision for the future and a mind that is open enough to guide but also learn from others. Engaging an organisation such as this can be an incredibly effective way to enhance your leadership skills for the greater good of your company.

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But if you’re determined to make yourself a better leader without external assistance, here are five tips to take on board.

1. Willingness to Take on Supportive Roles

Particularly when starting a business, you will be concerned with many of the high-level, critical tasks. But you should also be willing to get involved and take on supporting roles. This means you should also lead by taking on some of the less-rewarding and lower-profile parts of the business. In doing so, you will make an important statement about who you are and how much the business matters to you. Demonstrating to your staff that you are willing to do the hard work will help inspire their confidence and show that you value their contributions.

2. Apply the Lessons Learnt Through Adversity

Few people have an easy climb up the ladder of success and many face situations such as redundancy, the decision to leave a job, dismissal, change of profession or feeling undervalued or overworked in their career. The emotions that come with these situations can be harnessed to foster your success as a leader. Facing and getting through these situations can help you to be stronger and more effective when facing difficult situations in the future and may also help you to make carefully measured and thoughtful decisions.

3. Value Community

The best leaders have the ability to make a company feel like a community. In such a community, people feel connected and valued. They see themselves as part of a cooperative and collaborative team, and they feel their efforts and contributions are recognised and significant. When a leader is able to create a strong sense of community, an added benefit is that others will also seek employment with your organisation.

4. Personal Presence Matters

If you are serious about being an effective leader, be there for important events and show support for your staff and clients. When you lead a new company, you play a crucial role in shaping how your brand is perceived and the overall reputation of the company. Do not underestimate the impact of trust and word of mouth. You should also never undervalue the impact of being at events and occasions in person. Personal presence is far more valuable than digital representation.

5. Give Attention to Detail

As ambitious and as excited as you may be about the direction the business will pursue, it’s imperative that you don’t overlook the big and small details. Attention to detail is so important;if your business grows at a rate faster than you can keep up with, there is a real risk of fundamental details being missed.

Being an effective leader is critically important to the growth and success of your company. Great leaders know how to steer a company in the right direction, but they also understand the value and importance of every staff member at every level within the organisation. Essentially, great leaders have excellent business sense combined with great people skills.


  1. "Willingness to Take on Supportive Roles" - should be at the heart of every leaders as there are lots of people who are not willing serve rather expect to be served only.


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