4 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions an individual has to make in his or her lifetime. It is not as simple as buying accessories or clothing. A house is an investment and you are going to take major risks with your finances when purchasing a house. There are many things to consider as well as preparations for long term investing. Here are a few tips for first time home buyers to set the pace in finding your dream home.

Know that you are ready

When it comes to buying a home, you have to be physically, emotionally, mentally and financially ready for it. For young families, having your own home gives you that sense of fulfillment and freedom, yet it also comes with a set of responsibilities and obligations. You must have enough money for a down payment or equity and you should also have the ability to pay for the monthly mortgage.

So ask yourself first, do you have a steady and reliable source of income? Have you paid previous bills or your bdo personal loan? You must also be prepared for other costs that come with your new home such as maintenance, home-owner fees, utilities and others. The effort and expenses that comes with buying a new home sometimes come as a shock to first time buyers, but if you can take in all these issues then, you are ready to buy.

How much can you afford?

Before jumping and closing a sale, consider the interest and costs that come with paying the mortgage. Talk to someone who is familiar with home financing so that you can determine how much you can really afford to pay according to your income, your down payment and the terms of the loan you will get. There are different mortgage options that you consider although most buyers prefer mortgages with lower interest rates.

Scan Listings for your Dream Home

Searching for listing is the first sign that you are truly considering buying a home of your own. You may drive around nearby communities, subdivisions and other areas where there is a good environment for homes. Focus your search on areas where there are beautiful properties that you can afford. Have fun looking at properties while you inspect the foundations, the interior and exterior conditions of the homes listed, the floor plan and so forth. Be sure to look at the asking prices of homes before you go check them out to avoid wasting time and energy on properties that you can’t afford.

Check Your Community

Many first time home buyers get caught up in choosing their dream home that they overlook the community or neighborhood where it is located. Your home should be located in a community that suits your lifestyle otherwise you will be tied up paying your housing loan for a house in an area that you are not comfortable with. It should be accessible to your place of work and schools where your kids attend. You may also factor in transportation options for commuting, restaurants, entertainment, supermarket and other things that maybe important for you and your family.

Talk to people in the neighborhood where your potential home is located and find out what they like and dislike about the area. Being comfortable, safe and happy in the community you’re moving into are very important when buying a house, but many first time home buyers don’t pay close attention to these.


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