Four Elements to Consider in Creating the Home Office of Your Dreams

Working at home has its pros and cons. When you work at home, there are many things that can get your attention and there are a lot of things that can tempt you to have a break every now and then. This does not only distract you from your work but it also decreases your productivity. Planning and creating a nook that is practical, functional and conducive for working is important in keeping work at home individuals motivated, inspired and energized.

When designing your small home office, you have to consider your wall color, lighting, storage and organizational requirements of your work.

It can get pretty boring staring at blank lifeless walls. Specific colors can set right “mood” for working in your home office so with the help of the internet and a reliable antivirus installed in your computer you can safely search for online tools that can help you choose the perfect colors carefully and at the same time consider your options. Cool colors have that calming effect and it can help you relax. Warm colors are invigorating and can tickle your creative side. You may also opt for neutral tones which can help you focus on the business at hand.

Storage shelves or drawers should come as needed. Book cases and shelves can work as a divider and lend you more privacy especially if your home office is part of room and at the same time it can also store your books, folders and documents.

Home office organization they say has a great effect on your productivity. So learn to put items which you rarely use in an “inactive work zone” so it doesn’t disrupt you and keep constantly needed items close at hand so that you won’t have to stop working to search for it.

Lighting fixtures on your home office should be carefully thought of. If you are in a corner of a bigger room, your ambient light would be the one that lights up the whole room. You may want to add task lights instead to provide focused lighting for your paperwork or computer work. Task light helps boost productivity by redirecting bright light to lessen eyestrain and headaches.


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