5 Decorative Ways to Give Home that Cool Summer Vibe

Sun worshipers would do anything to extend summer days. Summer connote fun, carefree days for both adult and children, this why many homeowners are keen on decorating their homes as if it is always summer. Whether it’s preparing your home for the upcoming summer months, or you simply want to have that refreshing summer vibe at home, these tips can help you out.

Getting a fresh and airy feel is essential in bringing in that summer atmosphere indoors. Net curtains in pastel colors can easily brighten up your room pair up with your trusty dehumidifier then you have a fresh and clean air indoors all day through. Get some rustic rope or twine and wound it up on those old bottles and you can have instant rustic and summery flower vases to hold your blooms around the house.

Kitchens can be wonderfully made up for the summer season with blooms such as sunflowers and daisies. Fruity touches such as apples and watermelons can also lend that refreshing feel while you prepare barbeque, salads and fruit shake for your family and friends.

Take advantage of warmer weather to stay outdoors longer to stay cool and breezy. Porches and patios are great places to chill out during summer evenings. While rain clouds are still far off, putting up flags in different colors is an inexpensive way for summer outdoor decoration. It can also be replaced to match other upcoming holiday or occasion.

Vines and stick wreath are also great accent for your front porch. You can change charms and elements attached to these wreaths to suit your imagination. Paddles, boats, light houses and other nautical items can also be used to accentuate side tables, nook and corners of your patio.

And lastly, fabrics play a huge part in transforming your home into a summer house. Chevron prints, fruity and even sea creature prints on your pillows can bring in thoughts of wonderful summer days for you and your family.


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