Keeping Cool: Best Hacks for Beating the Summer Heat

The summer months can be quite hot and humid. Even in the most northern parts of America, summer can be too hot to handle.Luckily all it takes to stay cool and breezy is a few hacks. This summer you can save money, be prepared and stay cool when you know how to hack yourself out of a heat stroke. Below are some of the best life hacks for keeping yourself cool during the summer.

Use A Ceiling Fan

If you have a ceiling fan, then you will be able to set your thermostat to a higher temperature and still be comfortable. A ceiling fan doesn’t reduce the temperature in the room, but the gentle breeze makes it more comfortable. Make sure the blades turn counter clockwise. Before getting into summer, make sure you wipe down blades for dust and change their direction. On extra hot days make sure your house is closed off and only circulating cold air.

Get Rid of Incandescent Light Bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs are becoming a thing of the past, as more and more people are opting to switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs. Not only they use less energy than incandescent bulbs, but they also give off less heat. Therefore, you will have an easier time keeping your home if you make the switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs. When summer rolls around you’ll have a lot more daylight time as well. Turn off any lights your not using and open the blinds during the day. You can save a lot on electricity and keep you whole house a little cooler.

Use An Outdoor Grill
If you cook frequently with a stove or an oven, this will make your home a lot hotter. This why you should consider cooking with an outdoor grill. You can also use a toaster oven instead of stove or regular oven. A toaster oven will give off less heat, and still gives you a hot meal. Consider making cold meals that can store a long time as well. Bowls of pasta salad or even leafy salads will keep for most of the week and you only have to use the stove once.

Use Shades And Curtains
Shades and curtains can prevent unwanted heat from entering your home. It is estimated that you can reduce the temperature in your home by 20 degrees if you use curtains and shades. You can also lower your electric bill by up to seven percent. Install an awning over decks and patios and shade the hottest parts of the house with trees and shrubs. Cover the curtains in rooms you don’t use, and get a custom air conditioner cover to keep your appliances and house cooler.

Closed Unused Rooms
If you have rooms in your home you are not using, then you should definitely consider closing them off. Closing the doors helps prevent cool air from escaping your home. However, you may want to consider cracking opening a window at night since the temperature has a tendency to decrease at night during the summer months. This way you’ll be able to not run the AC as much.

The summer months are brutally hot in many places, but you can still keep yourself from cooking. Closing unused rooms, using shades and curtains, and using an outdoor grill will help keep your home cool. You can also use a fan to keep your home cool. Stay smart and stay safe. When you have a plan and know the hacks you can save a bundle on air conditioning and beat the heat this summer.

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