Value Bump: 5 Tricks to Raising Your Home Value

If you're in the process of selling your home or you want to plan for renovation projects that update the property, it is important to choose improvements that will raise your home value. The best projects do not necessarily involve demolition. The best projects are more focused on how they will improve aesthetics and function while still offering a return on investment. If you are looking for tricks that are sure to bump up the value of your home during an appraisal, here are five ideas.

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Create Space in the Kitchen

More people than ever are looking for a home that has an open layout. If you have a non-structural wall or an island in your kitchen that is separating the room from the living area, removing these elements can make a major difference. Creating space will make your home flow better, and this added flow will attract potential buyers. Wide open floor plans mean larger value. You can also create space by getting a smaller boiler which may fit into a smaller kitchen cupboard than the existing one. The cost of a new boiler would offset by adding value to your home.

Update Your Siding for Curb Appeal

Siding does not just add curb appeal, it also serves a purpose by making your home more energy efficient. Dated siding can affect your outward appearance and send the wrong message to people who pass by. With new vinyl or cement siding that compliments the design of your home, you can make the property look better and save on utility bills as well.

Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home

With advances in technology, you can do more than just equip your home with an alarm. You can turn your home into a smart home with not much more than you would need to deter criminals if they attempted to break in. Home automation systems make it possible for you to turn home systems on and off from remote locations and watch your property while you are away. More and more people want smart homes because they can help save energy and keep the property safe in a convenient manner. If you want to cut down on wasted energy or you simply want to attract tech savvy buyers, research home security and automation companies like North Star Alarm and similar businesses.

Liven Up Your Landscaping

Landscaping serves multiple purposes. Not only is beautifully groomed landscaping aesthetically pleasing, it can also liven up a dull home. It is important to choose plants and layouts that are easy to maintain. You can also use trees and bushes as a way to increase privacy around the property for added benefits.

Catch Up with the Outdoor Living Trend

Many people want to enjoy the beauty of nature without leaving their homes. Spending time outside can improve your mood and give you energy. Real estate agents have found that buyers want sunrooms. If you want a higher-valued home and you want a feature that is great for entertaining, add on a sunroom and you can expand your home's square footage without taking on the large costs of adding a fully insulated room.

There are plenty of ways to raise your home value no matter how old the property may be. Take time to learn about new real estate trends before you plan a project. After you know the trends, you can decide which renovations will be best for your family and your budget.


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