7 Incredibly Simple Ways to Make Your House a Home

Moving into a new house or condo is often a fairly disorienting process for most people. The new surroundings are typically sterile and devoid of personality, which makes it hard to love the space. Turning a mere house into a real home takes time and a little forethought. If you'd like to jump-start the process, these quick tips provided should prove helpful.

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Spice Up the Color Palette
For practical reasons, most houses boast muted beige or gray tones in spades to avoid putting off potential buyers. Once you've moved in, you can remake the new house in your own image using your preferred colors. Even if you like understated shades, repainting the walls to reflect your own tastes is the easiest way to put your stamp on the place.

Lay Down a Few Throw Rugs
One of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to make any house more inviting is by slapping down some unique rugs. Avoid mass-produced items purchased from big-box stores like Bed Bath & Beyond. Instead, head to a local second-hand store and find a few broken-in rugs with some history and personality that jive with your home's interior theme.

Buy Some Vintage Furniture
If you want your home to look lived in and inviting, nothing beats antique furniture. You'd be surprised at what you can find at restored furniture stores in your area and online. Desks, tables, couches and chairs with a few miles on them always add a touch of class and make any home feel a lot warmer.

Display Some Mementos
In many ways, a home is like a trophy case or a scrapbook for your personal experiences and interests. Mount souvenirs that you've acquired on your various travels on the walls in high-traffic areas. They'll act as conversation starters when you have company. If you need to flesh out your tchotchke collection, you can always hit up eBay to buy portraits and sculptures.

Add Custom Storage Gear
Unless you live in a palatial estate where square footage isn't an issue, making the most of interior space is a top priority. You can use your chosen storage solutions to add flair to your home by installing unique hooks, storage cubbies and box benches. You'll bump up the utility factor and beautify the house at the same time.

Green Up with Houseplants
Humans are hardwired to gravitate towards nature. In fact, many studies have shown that caring for houseplants can actually improve physical and mental health. Positioning a few tropical cacti, Norfolk Island pines or Chinese evergreens around the house will really liven up the new digs. In addition, they can actually improve indoor air quality over time.

Put in New Windows
As Retro Teck Window explains, a new window can open up your home, making it brighter and imminently more welcoming. From bay windows to casements, adding a new window is an affordable way to truly make your house a home.

Looking at the Big Picture
Turning a house into a home requires attention to detail and a fair amount of planning. Whether you're shooting for a cohesive theme or more of an eclectic look, each of the elements outlined above contribute something to the total equation. Use them as you see fit to make your home stand out from the residential crowd.


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