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Awesome Housekeeping Tips Every Mom Should Know

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Cleaning is never a fun job, but someone has to do it. When your home needs a quick clean, you might think that dusting the floor and wiping the surfaces is enough. It's not. If you spend just a few more minutes on your cleaning routine, you can completely revitalize your household. Your home should be your pride and joy. If you take good care of your home, the results will be rewarding. People tend to think that cleaning has to be a huge hassle. By doing just a little every day, you can stay on top of your cleaning without it impacting your lifestyle.

Throw away sponges

You use sponges every day when you wash your plates and surfaces. It may shock you to find that your sponges are home to all kinds of bacteria. When you use your sponges for a long period, they become filthy. Wiping a dirty sponge across your kitchen surface, means that you are wiping germs and bacteria onto it. When you are cooking, you might put your ingredients on that surface. The best thing you can do, aside from using an anti-bacterial soap, is throw your sponges away after a day or so. It might seem wasteful, but it is better than spreading germs.

Clean your grouting

Grouting is the strip of sealant between your bathroom tiles. Believe it or not, this strip should be bright white. If your grouting has turned a dark shade of grey, it means that it is dirty. You can clean your grouting with ease if you set aside just ten or fifteen minutes. Make sure that you wear rubber gloves while you are cleaning. Use a toothbrush and some bleach to scrub the area. You will have to get down on your knees to scrub your grouting. If you suffer from a condition like an osteoarthritis knee, you might want to put a cushion under your knees so that it doesn't hurt.

Give your carpet a deep cleanse

Another place where you will find loads of bacteria is in your carpet. Deep cleansing your carpet is a habit you should get into sooner rather than later. Every four months, you should give your carpet a clean. That doesn't mean just vacuuming. You should hire a steam machine from your local DIY store and get a quality cleaning solution. Smother your carpet area in the solution and leave for about three hours. Next, use the steam machine to cleanse the area. You might need to clean your carpet in sections to make the job is easy for you.

Getting rid of tricky stains

Now and then, you get a nasty stain that you just can't shift. Let's talk about red wine for a second. When you get red wine on your floor, it can be an absolute nightmare. You need to act fast as soon as you spill the wine on the floor. Use hot water to clean the area with a sponge. Blot the area, rather than scrubbing it. You might think that scrubbing will get the stain out, but it will spread the stain across your carpet. Use some white vinegar and soap to make a cleaning solution to get the stain out fast.

Dust your radiators

Dust gathers everywhere in your home. When you have dust on your radiators, they won't work well. During the winter, you want your heaters to work and keep your house warm. If anyone in your home has allergies, you need to make sure that you dust the area. Take an old rag and make it damp. When the radiators are off, use the rag to wipe them down. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Products That Make Pregnancy More Comfortable

Nine months of pregnancy can be an uncomfortable event in a woman’s life. The last few months of pregnancy in particular is more often than not emotionally and physically draining for women. Thankfully, there are many new products on the market today that make this rewarding adventure much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Compression socks

Compression socks are a boon to tired, swollen legs especially to those women who must spend a lot of time on their feet at their jobs. Swollen ankles, calves and feet are common during pregnancy and can cause much discomfort. Compression socks are medically proven to improve the circulation within the lower extremities, which in turn prevents ankles, calves and feet from swelling.


Finding clothing to fit when you first start showing your pregnancy “bump” can be troublesome to many women. Pants become too tight at the waist, but maternity clothing is too loose and obvious. The Bella Band is the solution to this dilemma. All you have to do is slip it on over your unbuttoned regular pants, and no one will suspect a thing says Jessica Dukes editor of This novel item can be used post-partum as well, to disguise the extra bulge around your middle when you return to regular clothes.

Cotton Bra

Doctors like Dr. Gilbert Webb, found at, warn that breasts become very tender and swollen, needing extra support during pregnancy. A wireless, soft cotton bra with wide straps will help alleviate any discomfort and provide support at the same time. A wireless type will prevent discomfort as your breasts grow and swell. A cotton fabric is soft and breathable, providing comfort as well. There are special pregnancy bras on the market that look nice as well as provide comfort and support.

Body Pillow

Although plenty of sleep is a must to maintain your health during pregnancy, many women experience trouble getting comfortable enough to get a good night’s sleep. A full body pillow will support your expanding belly, hips, knees and back to comfort your whole body, ensuring a more restful sleep and banishing the uncomfortable aches and pains associated with pregnancy.

Although pregnancy can be a chaotic and stressful state for women, this variety of available products can help women stay healthy, get the needed rest, feel comfortable, and get the advice and information they need, so they can actually enjoy the nine months of pregnancy. This relaxed state of mind will ultimately result in a healthier pregnancy. Check sites like to find a doctor for more recommendations on new products to make pregnancy more comfortable. 

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Daily housekeeping routine for families with babies

If you have a newborn baby, you have to start looking after, your priorities will be changed and your household work may become the last thing you want to do. There is a way to cope with both your parenting responsibilities and housekeeping, without sacrificing one of them. Using the baby carrier you can do your household chores and take care of your newborn, without a problem. Use these ideas for creating a successful housekeeping routine.

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It's good to separate your household work between your family members. Everyone should know their responsibilities and do their part. You can also put a list with the tasks that needs to be done. Most daily housekeeping routines should include making the beds, putting clothes and children's toys on their places, washing the dishes, polishing counter tops, stoves, etc. The garbage should be thrown away in the proper places or moved to be recycled. If you have pet animals, you need to clean after them too. The daily cleaning work needs to be done regularly. Clean your bathrooms, sinks, showers daily. If every member of your family knows his responsibilities and duties and does them regularly and well, there shouldn't be a place of worries.

When you have some household chores left to do, use your baby carrier, while doing them. You can spend some time with your infant, after completing the light household work. Don't use chemicals and toxic products around your baby, while cleaning. Avoid making any abrupt, unexpected or rough movements, which may startle or harm your baby.

When you do the cleaning, do each task in the smart way. If you are overwhelmed with work, you can use a basket to store each item in it and put everything in its place later, when you have more time. Leave the mopping of the floors for the end of the day, so you don't have to repeat it again.

Involve your older kids in the daily housekeeping chores. There are different tasks, which are appropriate for the different ages. Letting your kids part of the household work will make them feel important, and they won't suffer from loss of their parents' attention so much.

You don't have to finish your whole household and cleaning work right away. A couple of cleaning task are enough for every day. You need to find time to spend for bonding with your infant. You can do the vacuum cleaning while cradling your baby. The sound of the vacuum cleaner can calm your infant and he or she will easily fall asleep in his swing. This way you can complete one of your household duties, while being around your newborn, until he or she falls asleep.

Accept help from your family and friends, involving housekeeping work and cares for the baby. You need to spend more time with your newborn, so you can leave some of your household chores to other members of your family or to FastHomeCleaning SW3. If you and your family can't cope with doing the daily housekeeping work, you can always use the services of a cleaning organization. This way you will have more time to spend with your infant.

Choosing and realizing of a successful and effective daily housekeeping routine for families with babies, isn't easy. Having to take care of your newborn babies and doing your cleaning work can be quite stressful. If you let everyone in your family get involved in the household work and the cares for the baby, you will succeed to cope with your responsibilities. Every member of your family should know his responsibilities and do his duties regularly. If you let your closest people help you in raising your baby and keeping your home in order, you won't have problems. 

4 Helpful Ways To Become A Good Parent

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During times of stress, a mother would not be in a position to be gentle in all issues. This is a panic mode, as there might be many thoughts flashing across her mind. This would sometimes affect the child when the mother is interacting with the child. The stress must be relieved the mom’s body and mind. This is essential as a mother is a role model for a child; Therefore mother should know the ways to avoid stress immediately to be gentle towards her child.  There are many children who are affected due to the parent’s stress or anger. Naturally when stress is affecting the mother she will not be in a position to control her mind which can prevent her child to grow up as a better child. The child will be always playful, but must be aware that crossing the limit is encouraged. Therefore, the mother must take extra care of her child.

1. Beat the stress

Most mothers are inexperienced when it comes to handling their children.

  • Firstly, most of the women are scared of pregnancy and the complications involved in it.
  • Later they understand a child is a part of the life, they need to learn how to bring a child to an adult.
  • They are learning all these things even from online sources apart from the family members.
  • This explains why there are many online forums like that are contributing the lessons such as tips for mothers to bring a child as a respectable individual when he faces the outsiders after he grows up.

2. Treat your kids with respect

The art of communication is necessary lesson to learn for a mother to interact well with her child. The child has to be treated gently with soft words. These gentle words might be soothing and pleasing to the child. This would also help the child learn that the mother is treating with respect. This in turn would make the child behave in a matured fashion before others. The child will be proud about his family and the child will bring respect to the family by behaving smoothly with others.

3. Spend time with the child

Normally, mother will be working at one destination and dad will be in a different office. This makes them not to spend time with their child. It is important for them to know that spending time with the child is very important, as the child understands all lessons only from parents. Dads would be interested to spend time with his child by playing his favorite games. But the mother likes to spend her time with her kids in a creative way through activities, singing, storytelling, making crafts etc. 

4. Involve in lot of games

Any game is interesting for a child to learn, and as a parent one should remember to never let the kid fail numerous times as it can hurt their confidence badly.
  • The parents must learn this type of tackling with a child, as it is also a part of how to treat a child.
  • This environment only makes the child to stay with the better mental health, and aids in quick learning.
  • Instead of letting the kids spend endless hours on TV and video games, encourage your child to play many outdoor games and indoor games to improve their creativity.

Hence, it is essential that parents follow few simple ways to get closer with their kids and spend some quality time with their kids.  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

6 Ways to Earn the Respect of Others

Age is not a requirement to gain respect from others as there are a lot of young people who are being highly respected by their elders. If you want others to treat you with high esteem you need to be worthy of it. Respect is something money cannot buy; moreover, it cannot be gained through an overnight process. Earn the respect of others regardless of your status, whether you are a student, a new employee, or a striving entrepreneur through the following ways:

  • If you want people to appreciate and have a high regard on what you do, you have to look up to them too. Respect is a two-way course of action.

  • Do your best at what you do. Proficient and competent people are most highly regarded in every field of work. Remember, if you are happy with what you are doing, it will bring out the best in you.

  • Palabra de honor or word of honor. A well respected person is someone who honors what he says. Truthfulness and reliability to live up with commitments and can be trusted to deliver what he or she promised will automatically earn a high respect and admiration from other people. Honesty and sincerity in my opinion is the primary step to being our real self.

  • Listen and learn, be open to criticisms. It is just normal to make mistakes and receive criticisms. Learn to handle them the positive way. You don’t need to badmouth about your critics, instead accept your fault or mistakes, do the necessary adjustments then continue your good work and let your actions speak for themselves. Your superiors will surely take notice and recognize your effort.

  • Act and conduct yourself professionally. Dress to impress, wear proper clothing that will suit each occasion. Observe good manners and social etiquette. Use appropriate language in communication. 

  • Be honest, stand up for what you believe in and be transparent in your communications. It is okay to say “No” and state your own opinion why you disagree in a respectful manner rather than just say yes to everything to get along with the flow.

To summarize, by learning how to give respect, act and carry out yourself with confidence, proper conduct and attitude towards others and by delivering your actions and performance in a reliable way, you’ll start earning the respect you deserve in no time.

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4 Brilliant Space Saving Ideas For Your Flat

When you live in a flat or apartment, the idea of having more space can seem ridiculous. Everyone who lives in an apartment knows that space is something you don’t have. But, there are some brilliant space saving tips that you can utilise in your flat.

A small flat and the problem of having enough space can be something of a nightmare. But, you don’t have to suffer the indignity of a lack of space any longer. On the contrary, you can have as much space as you desire for your home. It’s all about adopting smart tricks for the illusion of space.

You can ensure that you have a calm and spacious home with these clever hacks. 

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Wall Mounted Furniture

Wall mounted furniture is an excellent way to be inventive with your spacing problems. Having a set of drawers that mount the wall means that you don’t lose out on valuable floor space. Wall mounted furniture comes in a wide range of solutions. You can choose from bedside tables and cabinets to living room storage solutions. Mounting more of your furniture to the wall means that you are utilising the space around you. So, even if you have a 2 bedroom upper floor flat in Chorleywood, you don’t have to forgo space over style any longer.


Shelving is your best friend when you move into a flat. You can have a lot more room to manoeuvre when you have clever shelving in place. Ensure that you have high shelving that extends the reach of your room. This means that you can place everything within the shelves without compromising floor space. Everything can be stored within shelves. Your kitchen is the best place to do this. Pots and pans can be stored at height. After all, shelves need to be practical. They are not just for displaying photos and ornaments.

Consider Your Window Space

Should you be lucky enough to have huge bay windows in your home, this is an excellent opportunity to ensure that you have more storage without having to fill your walls with stuff. Bay windows are typically very deep. In your bedroom, you can turn your bay window into an attractive nightstand. This will give you the things that you need in your room, such as a place to put your lamp and clock. But, it also means that you can save on space by pushing the bed up to the window. You never know, you may just get a desk in your room too!

Benches and Storage

Of course, storage solutions should also be pretty. So, why not choose a cute vintage storage chest for all of your belongings? In a flat, you are less likely to have loft space. This means that storing your photos and other treasured possessions can be difficult. A vintage style bench gives you heaps more space, but can also be an essential piece of furniture in your home. Add cushions and a throw and turn the bench into a place to sit. Functional, pretty and practical; what’s not to love?

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How To Create The Best Entertaining Space

If you love entertaining and you are looking for some ideas for your next party then you have come to the right place. When we decorate and furnish our homes, the impression it makes on our friends and guests is foremost in our minds. We look in trendy magazines and websites for ideas. Everything from lighting, wallpaper, storage and flooring needs to be considered.

There are times when we wish the clean up after a party wasn’t quite so devastating. The carpet always picks up a new stain, and the walls seem to have interesting spatter decorations in places we didn’t expect anyone to be! Undoubtedly something ornamental gets broken, and the glassware casualties are too numerous to count.

Fiberon Tropics composite decking - Jatoba
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Moving the party to the garden can help restrict some of these breakage occurrences in the house. The neighbors may need to be invited though to keep everyone happy with the additional noise from the yard. If you do have space out the back for a good gathering, now may be the time to fix up your yard and turn it into a great entertaining space.

Firstly, work out what kind of budget you have. You can do a little or a lot to your outside spaces. A good garden and entertaining space will cost you as much as a high-end kitchen though. Factor in a landscape or garden architect into your budget too. You may need help from a builder for paving or decking.

Decking can be designed to suit any space. It is usually raised off the lower ground level and provides walkways, sun areas and dining spaces. You can buy wooden or composite materials. You can look at suppliers like Softwoods for hardwood or softwood decking. It is more popular but also more expensive. Either can look stunning and provide a good non-slip and non-muddy surface.

You will need to buy railings for your deck, but you can use cheaper woods or steel and iron here. Some postings for deck railings incorporate your outside lights. Lighting can be mains or solar powered. Popular lighting solutions include ground stake solar lights along the paths, and wall or fence mounted mains lighting around your perimeter.

Dining sets for outside spaces vary in price and design wildly, but there is something for every taste and budget. Metal finish tables with glass tops are an alternative to the small iron bistro tables that were popular a few years ago. Wooden dining sets can be supplied in several treated woods that weather to a silvery finish. These can be perfect for the garden, but stay wetter for longer after a shower.

Finally, think about planting some flowers, shrubs and small trees. These will add colour and character to your new party space. You can colour match, or mood enhance with your choice of planting. Try to avoid larger trees near boundaries and buildings. Large roots will interfere with foundations and branches will hang over neighboring properties.

Designing your outside entertaining space can be great fun. Browsing online or visiting your local garden supply store will also help give you great ideas for your yard conversion.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Cleaning Sunday: 4 Steps to Make it Green

The Sunday chores are something not very amusing but their necessity is significant for the household hygiene, and hygiene is one of the main factors for our health conditions. There is another way to improve your environment and make it healthier and Eco friendly. It is not a secret that the world is trying to work for its future and now is the right time to make your cleaning habits Eco ones.

We would like to share some information how you can make your cleaning green. Here are 4 steps to green-up the Sunday cleaning.

1. Plants are green

Adding some plants will definitely give a fresh look to your house. You may ask what plants have to  do with cleaning. The thing is that plants are natural air filters that produce oxygen and consume carbon-dioxide. A good number of flowerpots in a room is a great solution for the air quality of your house-space. If we choose some fragrant flower, we will also have a natural air freshener and decoration also.

2. Use natural products

It is amazing how things, that we can find in our kitchen, can be used for cleaning just as good the chemical products that are sold in stores. Actually this is not something that is invented now, most of our grandparents use to clean their homes that way in the days when the chemical industry was making its first steps. Vinegar, baking soda, olive oil and essential oils are some of the wonder product that would find great application in your green Sunday cleaning,  professional Splendid Cleaners aim. Vinegar is clear liquid product with acidic nature - made from fermenting alcohol. Therefore it creates unpleasant environment for most bacteria and other microorganisms. As you can imagine vinegar is the ideal cleaning product for every part of your household. Banking soda has abrasive characteristic and mixed with water creates a paste that is perfect for cleaning stubborn stains from most surfaces. Olive oil is one of the best wood-care product that exist. The oil seals the wood and creates a nice protective layer which keeps the wooden material from drying or moisture. Olive oil is good for the wood the same way as it is good for the skin, so you don't have to worry about protective gloves.  Essential oils have strong natural fragrance and can be added to vinegar cleaning solution for pleasant Eco aroma.

3. Reduce, reuse, recycle

Think about how many paper towels wastes your household every month. What about the trees and the energy wasted for this product? The cheap green solution is a washable dusting and cleaning cloth that can be reused many times. And there is another Eco plus – you can use your stained towel, old clothes and sheets etc. Imagine how many cleaning clothes can be made out from an old towel. Once the cloths are dirty all you have to do is to wash them and they would ready for reuse. If you still use paper towels it would be nice to collect and recycle them not only to save the trees but also to see them not so often lying around the streets.

4. Give away your old clothes

If you have a lot of old clothes, don't throw them away just because you don't like them anymore. There are already produced and someone in need would appreciate them more than you. You can always give away or donate them to foster care houses, churches and other institutions. Sunday is a good day to visit such places, so don't hesitate and go green.