Three Reasons a Long-Term Disability May Require an Attorney

You may think that your disability is covered by your insurance policy, but the moment you file a claim you begin to run into a series of delays. Often, there will be a quick denial of the claim. Unfortunately this can be standard procedure for an insurance company. They love to collect premiums from you, but they are reluctant to pay out a claim. The following are three reasons you will want to call an attorney.

Long delays in processing your claim

This can often be a stall tactic. They ask for another document to process your claim, but after you supply it, you find out that this was not enough. There is another document needed. This game will go on for a long time in the hope that you will simply give up on your claim. By hiring an attorney, the process will seldom be delayed. An attorney with experience in this area of law will not tolerate delays when there is no legal justification for them.

A short-term claim was paid but not a long-term claim

Basically, your insurance covered a short-term disability, but they refuse to accept any evidence that you have a long-term disability to be compensated for. Naturally, an insurance company is going to be more reluctant to pay out a claim for a long-term versus short-term disability; there is simply more money involved. However, it is the policy that matters and how that relates to your condition. An attorney can make sure your claim is paid when it is covered by your policy.

Your claim is denied

It is common for people to simply have their claim denied. Most of the time there will be a reason given for the denial, but whether it is legally defensible only a lawyer can determine. Insurance policies are complex contracts, but an attorney will be able to sort through the legal language of the policy to determine whether you are being denied your claim without justification.

Always keep in mind that insurance companies are trying to make profit; this is their primary motivation. The moment you believe that you are not getting the money you are entitled to, you should call a long term disability lawyer Toronto firm immediately. An insurance company has a tremendous advantage over you during the claim process, and an attorney will be able to even the playing field.

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