Kid Disasters: 4 Tips for Getting the Kid Stains Out

Parents with small children often find themselves with stains and messes to clean up. Right when a new outfit goes on the baby, stains are sure to appear shortly. Many parents can resonate with this concept, since children are not the tidiest of people. The following tips are sure to make a parent’s life easier, since they help treat every day stains that are common to children.


Wet Wipes

Keeping wet wipes around is very important when you have small children. A mess is bound to be made, and a moistened wipe often works better than a dry one. Picking up any excess residue with a wet wipe and immediately blotting the area lightly is a good step to take. This can be especially helpful during a trip outside the house, where washing in the laundry is not possible.

Immediate Stain Treatment

Immediately treating the stain produces the best results. Food stains can be sprayed with water with a paper towel behind the stain. Rinsing a fresh stain with cold water normally removes any excess debris and allows for proper treatment. It is always better to pre-treat the stain immediately, even if you are unable to fully remove it. This keeps it from setting in, possibly making it a permanent stain. Soaking an article of clothing in water allows for the stain to begin loosening in preparation for a washing later on.

Keeping Floors Clean

Carpet stains can be very frustrating to a parent. This is because a carpet cannot be easily cleaned in the washing machine or thrown away if you cannot remove a stain. With continued use, a carpet collects dust, dead skin cells and other germs and stains. Periodically getting a professional carpet cleaning from companies such as AAA Steam Carpet Cleaning Ltd. helps prevent against the allergies common with small children. For hard-to-remove stains that do not lift with conventional treatment, it is advisable to enlist the help of professionals who have the proper equipment to remove carpet stains.

Universal Products

Two ingredients that work for most stains are liquid dish detergent and ammonia according to Martha Chapin from The American Cleaning Institute. Mixing these two ingredients with water works for many stains including blood, poop, formula, breast milk, urine and vomit. General measurements that work are 1 quart room-temperature water, ½ teaspoon of liquid dish soap and 1 tablespoon of ammonia. For larger fabrics or surfaces, doubling the ingredients is recommended.

Stains are to be expected when little children are around. They can be easily treated with the proper ingredients and immediate treatment. Having small children does not have to mean spending a lot of money on new clothing and home furnishings. These tips are useful in maintaining clean areas and clothing that are kid-stain free.

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