Five Questions About Pregnancy You Were Afraid To Ask

Pregnancy can be scary, even if you were planning on starting a family. During pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes many different changes and if it’s the first time, these changes can be strange and terrifying. Listed below are five questions about pregnancy many of us are too afraid to ask.

Will Sex Hurt During Pregnancy?

At the beginning of your pregnancy, especially during the first two trimesters, you will not notice a difference during sex. Your breasts will begin to get more tender, but otherwise, sex will feel much the same. During the third trimester of your pregnancy, you may feel an uncomfortable sensation while having sex because the baby has dropped lower. 

What Can I Do About Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are common during pregnancy, and you can take steps to stay comfortable. Ice packs coupled with warm baths help ease the pain and can make you more comfortable when they do occur. Drinking plenty of water and eating high fiber foods also help if you want to avoid them altogether.

Why Have I Suddenly Become Incontinent?

Sneezing, coughing, and laughing can make pregnant women feel as if they’ve suddenly lost all control. Incontinence during pregnancy is a result of excess pressure on the pelvis. Pelvic exercises can help with this, but it is an issue you may have to deal with throughout pregnancy. If the problem persists long after you’ve had the baby, your doctor should be notified. 

Will I Poop When I Go To Push The Baby Out?

Having the sensation to poop while pushing during labor is normal. It is also common for women to poop a little during the pushing stages of labor, but it is not likely you will be aware of the fact. Don’t get too embarrassed though, it’s pretty common and according to a high risk pregnancy specialist Dr. Gilbert W Webb, most nurses and doctors have seen this and many other issues before, and nurses can quickly and discreetly clean the mess up without you ever noticing it happened.

Will My Vagina Ever Look The Same After Giving Birth?

The vagina will feel bruised and beaten after giving birth naturally. The opening of your vagina may always look different and a little bit wider after giving birth. You can do pelvic exercises to help you get your pelvic muscles back to par, and your pelvis should return to normal after approximately six months.

These are five questions of many that you may be afraid to ask about pregnancy. You should never be embarrassed to speak with your doctor about anything though, because they have seen and dealt with most anything you will ask about. Pregnancy can be nerve wracking all by itself, but getting the answers to the questions you are afraid to ask should never be.

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