5 Design Secrets of World Class Interior Designers

When interior designers are trying to make homes and businesses look their best, they use the five tricks listed below. Designers know how to make the most of a space, and they know how to create the illusion that a space is larger and more illustrious than it actually is. You can use any of the five steps below to change the interior of your space today.

White Walls

The color of your walls make a huge impact on a room’s visual appeal, but the color of the walls also use help give the house a sense of scale and lighting. The largest houses seem large because they have pristine white walls and shadows created by light fixtures and pictures. If you are an art collector, using white walls also allows you to display your pieces much better.  There is simply no better alternative to going with white as your background. This is the same reason why art galleries always go with white backdrops.


The plaster on the walls can create a feeling like the people in the house are in a large temple. These plaster effects on the walls can make the space look much better, and they can make the space look much more architectural than it is. When you are using these plaster effects, you will be able to make a room look like it was transplanted from ancient Rome.


The best interior designers will use new flooring to make the space look much larger. They prefer hardwood floors that are going to make the space look bigger, and they will use floors that will reflect more light. The space will become brighter, and the homeowners will be able to enjoy the look of the space more. What color of hardwood flooring should you choose for your home? Visit your local wood flooring showroom and select a number of floor samples to take home with you. You’ll gain a better understanding of what colors compliment the rest of your home’s décor.

The Colors

When designers add colors to rooms, they add colors that are going to look good no matter what the setting. They use good color combinations, and they do not use colors that are going to clash with other parts of the house.

When you want to make your home look amazing, you need to make sure you try all the step above to get the best look possible. You can use one of the tips by itself, or you can use a number of the tips together to make your home look perfect. You will be able to impress all the people that visit with your design acumen and features that you were able to do yourself.

New Shutters

When you put shutters from a place like SunburstShutters.com in the house, you will be able to direct natural light into every room much better. The natural light that is brought in by shutters makes you feel like you are outside in the elements or in a cabin. Choosing a color for your new shutters is a fairly simple process. Select a number of various colors that you feel would best compliment your home’s exterior.  If you are seeking a more subtle appearance, make sure to stay within the same color family. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, use brightly colored shutters or even a dark grey.

Note: This is a guest post from Karleia, a freelance blogger and home decorating enthusiast. Away from the office she enjoys spending time with her two daughters.

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