Cleaning with club soda

Besides being used as a drink, club soda can be a means of cleaning in the household as well. It can be used for cleaning stains from different fabrics and carpets, cleaning jewellery, the windscreens of cars, counter tops, fixtures, cast iron and other items. Cleaning with club soda is easy and can be done by everyone. It doesn't require any special skills.

To remove stains from different fabrics just simply pour the club soda over the stain. If you want to remove urine, wine stains and more obstinate odours and marks from your carpets, just blot the club soda up. It will remove the bad smell and won't let the stain spread into a larger area. The final step of  removing the stain is scrubbing it. Scrub more gently if the fabric is more delicate and more energetically for steadier fabrics and carpets.

If you want to clean your gems like rubies, diamonds and sapphires, you can use club soda. The cleaning procedure is very easy. Pour club soda in a cup, put the expensive precious stones in it and let them to be soaked for one night. They will be clean and looking like new after you take them out of the glass.

You can use club soda to clean the windscreens of your car. To do this you need to pour club soda in a spray bottle. Keep the bottle inside your car for easy access, whenever you need it. It can be used for cleaning birds' excrements, oily stains and all obstinate dirty marks. After spraying the club soda on your windscreens, polish and wipe dry with a paper or a cloth.  Your car windscreens will be as clean as new.

Club soda can be used as a cleaning product for different counter tops, appliances and fittings. Pour club soda on the surface of the appliance, fitting or shelf, which you want to clean. If you want to clean inside your refrigerator, you have to mix club soda with a little salt. Then wipe the surfaces with a soft towel and rinse with warm water. After this, you need to dry and air the cleaned area. If you clean porcelain fixtures, the rinsing with water and wiping dry procedures won't be necessary are saying from

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Club soda can be used for cleaning different cast iron items.  You have to pour the club soda directly in the pot or pan, while they are still warm after cooking. Let the club soda soak in the pan or pot till it becomes cool enough. Continue the cleaning procedure by washing with the dish detergent you usually use for cleaning your plates and utensils. 

For removing stains from red wine and other spills from your carpet, drapery or wool rugs, you will need only salt, club soda and a dish towel. Extract the liquid of the stain with a towel as quick as possible after the spill is being made. Scatter salt over the stained area, but don't apply too much of it and pour club soda over it. Leave the salt and club soda to do their work for a couple of hours or one night. Blot the stained area once again to extract the liquid. Vacuum clean the area to remove well the salt and liquid. Your stains will be vanished completely.

Club soda is a wonderful product, which besides as a drink, can be used for cleaning different items, without the need of chemicals. It can be used as a non-toxic cleaning solution, which can replace your expensive and harmful chemicals. It provides cheap and efficient cleaning of your possessions, which won't harm the fabrics you clean. 


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