5 Creative Design Tips for your Patio

Adding a patio to your home is a fantastic and affordable way to increase your living space, and take advantage of warm days for outdoor entertaining and relaxation. There are so many different ways to create a patio that blends with your existing house and takes advantage of other features of your property.

Let’s have a look at some creative tips that help make your new patio a real feature of your home that you will not only love to use, but will also add value to your home. For more ideas on how to create your dream patio, it is well worth having a chat to an experienced patio builder such as Additions Building, who can take you through the myriad of styles and materials available to find one that suits you.

Create a feature point

Creating a focal point for your patio can help make it unique and attractive. A water feature, such as a fountain or a goldfish pond, can help create real sense of tranquillity. You could also create a fire place or pit, which can help you enjoy you patio in the colder months. An artistic tiled mosaic, or even a stained-glass window feature can take advantage to the sunlight an add colour and vibrancy.

Green it up

Having plenty of plants integrated into your patio helps it blend seamlessly with the rest of your backyard. You could build elevated planter boxes for herbs and vegetables, or just for decorative flowering plants. Strategically placed large pots, matching the style of your patio, can hold larger plants such as yucca or ferns and help make your patio a calm and refreshing place to be.

Make the floor a feature

There are so many styles of flooring available these days that there is no excuse not to have a fantastic looking patio floor. Concrete can be stamped, stencilled or painted to create a huge variety of styles and colours the blend perfectly with your homes decor. Alternatively, using patterned pavers can help create a strong sense of texture and quality to your patio.

Create a screen

Creating a wooden or mesh screen to block the sight of things, such as hot water heaters or pool equipment, can make your whole backyard more beautiful. You can also use it to hang plant baskets or other decorative items that will really add to the overall look of the patio.

Make the most of lighting

Lighting can sometimes be a bit of an afterthought when designing patios, but when you think about it, you will probably be spending a lot of evenings after work, enjoying a cold drink out on the patio – so make the most of the space with a good lighting design.

The use of movable down-lights can make sure you don’t have any dark areas, which make the patio uninviting and drab. If you have an outdoor kitchen or BBQ, make sure you have it properly lit so you can see what you are doing. Also, surrounding the edge of your patio with low garden lights can help show-off you backyard and any plants you have bordering your patio.

So there you have it, with just a bit of creativity and imagination you can turn a basic patio into a fabulous feature of your home, perfect for entertaining, or just for relaxing and enjoying a cool summer breeze.

You can try the quiz below to help you decide which patio design best suits your home

Photo credits: additions.com.au


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