What Layered Valances Can Do to Your Home

Windows are the eyes of the house and they connect the dweller to the outside world. Hence, windows should be treated with curtains and valances. The window coverings can make or break the entire look of your window. There are a lot of coverings for the windows but are they in harmony with the window design?

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If your window has come of age and renovating it is beyond your budget, you can cover the flaws by hanging layered curtain valances. A layered valance is a type of window covering with two fabrics layered on top of another giving the window an attractive look. What makes layered valances interesting is they are versatile because they can jive with any type of window design whether they are Gothic, Spanish or Italian.

The layers give a romantic feel to a bedroom, cozy atmosphere to the living room and relaxing feel in the kitchen. Layered curtain valances are available online with different shades of blue, green and red. For rustic appeal, valances in terra cotta, brown and burgundy are perfect matches. Country life, plaid and check give the house dwellers an idyllic feel and they blend in with wooden tiled floor and wood furnishings. 

You will be fascinated at your room when you see those layered valances meticulously sewn with a different coordinates like floral printed polyester for the top layer and a plain green coordinating cloth for the bottom layer. You can pick a top layer with striped pattern while the bottom layer is an animal print pattern.

A standard valance has a size of 54 inches by 17 inches and they make the room more attractive if a floor-length curtain with the same or contrasting color hung on the window. The best size is to look for a valance that has a double size of your window to make allowance for the shirring.


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