Empowering Women in Subic: Connected Women Subic Hosts An Innovative Meetup Experience

  Exciting news for the women of Subic!  Get ready for the first Connected Women Meetup of 2023 , happening simultaneously in different municipalities across Zambales and beyond. The Connected Women Subic Meetup will be hosted by Jen Cajucom and co-hosted by Mitch Carvalho and Lynn Singian. It will be held on February 15, 6pm at Kairos House of Blends , located at the ground floor of the Balai Subik building along National Highway, Mangan-Vaca, Subic. And that's not all. Other municipalities in Zambales will also be holding their own meetups, with Myra Concepcion hosting Connected Women Castillejos, Melissa Moscoso for Connected Women San Felipe and April Mora for Connected Women Olongapo. This will be in conjunction with Connected Women's community-led meetups held all over the Philippines and in other countries. Since 2018, Connected Women meetups in Zambales have been hosted by Jen Cajucom and held as a single meetup for the whole province every 6-weeks. This time around, a

Simple Office Exercise to Break the Sedentary Life

Working in an office with the job you truly love maybe enjoyable for some, but it could also lead to a sedentary lifestyle. You get stuck at the office, sitting in front of the computer all day and draining you of all the motivation to drag yourself off for some physical activities afterwards. 
Well if you don’t start now, you might realize too late that sitting can kill you slowly with lifestyle diseases caused by living a passive, unhealthy and sedentary life.

There are simple exercises that you can do at the office safely and without affecting your work or your officemates. Here are some suggestions –


Take a walk to a nearby park during your lunch hour and get some fresh air. It will be a good chance for you to stretch your leg muscles and get your mind off your work for a bit.

Take the Stairs

Resist taking the elevator and race up the stairs for some early morning cardio work out to start your day right. It may be quite a struggle but it can definitely help define your legs and your bottoms!

Keep A Weight On Your Desk

Keep a small weight on your desk aside from a stapler or that obligatory red staple. While reading reports or correspondence, pick up the weight and tone your arms.

Aside from these simple exercises, you might also start eating healthy and resist the temptation of snacking during working hours. Soon you will feel the benefits of these simple changes and become even more productive at work.

Photo courtesy of imagerymajestic - freedigitalphotos.net


  1. Wow, I love the LED shower head! I want to have one like that in my bathroom. The changing colors is so cool!

  2. I guess its because it's pretty rare for people to put more money in the bathroom as it's not where mostly everyone hangs out...but those suggestions and adds-on are quite very sophisticated too i love the waterfall sink.

  3. I also get rid of most of my things/dress that haven't been used for 6 months. If I have lived for the past months without using them, then it's not so important after all. it feels liberating to get rid of clutters:)

  4. The story seems interesting. We were planning to catch the movie last December but my friends got problems in schedule so we didn't push through. Maybe I'll just read about it online.

  5. Seems interesting to read, I'll recommend this to the children here at home.

  6. Ijust saw this title on the banners of the cinema but never had the chance to watch it .. neither reading its novel form .. i think i need to find a copy .. story seems similar to Hunger Games with a different situation and location ...

  7. Oh... i like that kind of shower head actually! I wish to get one on my new home soon! :D


  8. I usually give our old stuff to neighbors or relatives. I'm not the type of person who keep old stuff for sentimental reasons unless they are really useful and from special friends.

  9. oh, love those shower head and waterfall tap, they would be very nice changes to our bathroom :)

  10. Prioritizing- that's what they say. But for some reason, I want my space - all of it, to be well appointed. Besides, the bathroom (powder room or guest bath) is where your guests goes, or if you only have one in the house, guests will eventually use it, so it's just but right to pay attention to it too and equip it with equally nice fittings.


  11. The LED shower heads are so pretty! Someone would have to force me to step out of the shower, hahaha!


  12. Enders game looks really interesting sci fi book and good for your son to be hooked on reading at a young age.

  13. I agree with getting rid of junk and memorabilia. I still do have a few things that I've held on to but I keep them to one multibox per family member. If it can't fit in the box, something has to be thrown out. :-)

  14. I salute your son for being an early reader coz I have loved reading books just lately. lol. Anyway, I haven't watched Ender's Game and I know most likely the book is much better than the movie hehe.

  15. Wow! Those are amazing and the coolest LED products to have. I would love to have that showers :-)


  16. Number three is my husband's worse trait lol. I usually get rid of stuff but hubby hold on to things.

  17. I love the shower, and backlit mirror if I have a big bathroom maybe I will try to save and buy those.


  18. Wow, reading sci fi novel at an early age will hone your son into a good writer when he grows up. I'm sure he likes to watch sci fi movies too :)

  19. This is so true - being in the office - we all tend to just sit - then the elevator is there - we suffer and have a hard time with our health too - thus walking, walking - taking the stairs will always be good and healthy

  20. I agree! Sitting infront of the computer 8 hours or so each day is totally draining. Following those exercise you mentioned above would be beneficial.


  21. I sit at work a lot so I use exercises to prevent neck pain http://exercises4neck.com


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