Shower Sets – A Checklist

If you have the budget and the space then there is no reason for you not to have a shower in your bathroom. Baths are all well and good at what they provide, namely slow-paced, relaxing luxury, but when it comes to convenience and alacrity, a shower simply cannot be beaten.

Now, my advice is always of course to go with a shower kit, as you get absolutely everything you need with the minimum of fuss. Furthermore, in practically all cases, a full kit from one place will be much cheaper, in addition to alleviating the frustration of poor stock and long delivery times if you try to get hold of things separately. 

So, what should you be looking for in a quality shower kit? Well, here are the essential basics…

Valves or Taps

Essential and central, your shower isn’t a shower without either of these two things! Depending on the unique specifications of the system in your home, you may well have this choice dictated to you. Taps are good as you can get a bath filler tap that means you get shower and bath from one discrete utility. Thermostatic taps and valves are, for me, much better in terms of usability.

Shower Heads

Your shower is going to be fairly ruined without one of these! A simple Google search will show you the vast range of shower heads now available, from plastic to brass, chrome to steel, square to circle and all shapes and sizes in between. LED and rainfall heads add a modern, unique touch.

Riser Rails

For exposed kits, you will need one of these to adjust the height of your shower head. I am always annoyed at hotels with fixed shower heads that presume everyone using the shower is beneath five feet tall. A shower riser rail means you can take this into your own hands, literally, as it happens.

Shower Arms

Another accessory, a shower arm is vital for concealed units and/or if you are looking to fit a large shower head. Many bigger, heavier shower heads must be fitted to the ceiling, and a correspondingly strong arm will be needed. 

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