How to Achieve a Modern Minimalist Living Room Style

Fashion and interior home décor has slowly shifted from the grandiose to the modern minimalist. Today, you will notice many homeowners choose to have a simple and modern interior especially in their living room style. While it looks easy to achieve, a modern minimalist living room style can be quite challenging to pull off.

When it comes to furniture especially with your sofa set, go for sleek and elegant lines. Slim and monochrome furniture are in while bulky wood and heavy fabrics are out. Your decorations should revolve around simple and slim. This can be applied on most living room accent such as vases, lamps, furniture and appliance. If you are to fill up your living room with entertainment appliance, go for LED TV on a wall mount and vertical speakers.

Lights around your living room should be limited to pendant and spot lights. You can also set up modular panels with in-ceiling lights to highlight specific areas and corners. Remember that grandiose lighting fixtures are best avoided when you want to achieve a modern minimalist style in your living room. 

Lastly, your living room’s color palette should be on a modest note. Avoid bold and having to many colors and instead, go for strong contrasts such as dark blue and yellow or black and white. Grays, white and brown are also ideal choices. 


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  2. When I was younger, it felt like my mom renovated the whole place whenever we come home with the new curtains up. It really does make a difference in the house. Now I'm looking for new summer curtains to replace the thick drapes that we have at home.

  3. A romantic feel indeed. Also depends on the design of the curtains.

  4. Curtains, Draperies, Valances, and even Curtain rods can totally change the look of the house. I really want to change all the curtains we have in this rented house though because I don't like them. It is too grany-ish.

  5. I think these layered valances add an elegant or dainty touch to any window.

  6. I love layered valances as these add fabulous look to the usual curtain that we use at home.

  7. It's very nice to do these things when you make new arrangement for your living room. It always depends on a person's taste, even the color.


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