Climb Kilimanjaro: Tips for Success!

This guide is dedicated to helping you become one of the many climbers that reaches the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro successfully. We have plenty of important information that you can really use, to help fully prepare you for the challenging but exciting trip ahead. Here are your tips for success:

image author: Pius Mahimbi on Flickr

Before The Climb

Make Sure You're Equipped

Before you begin the climb you need to make sure that you’re well equipped. You should have with you all of your travel documents, essential items like your sleeping bag, a ski pole, water bottles, high altitude gear, first aid supplies, and optional items like cameras. While making sure you have everything you need, you should also try to travel as light as possible.

Prepare Yourself Physically

To prepare your body for climbing this mountain, a suitable training program is required. A regular gym program to stimulate muscle development, along with some practice hikes and walks should do the trick.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Many people have succeeded climbing this mountain before you, so you know that it’s possible. Always remain positive, but know that you will have to overcome some mental challenges.

Get Travel Insurance

Travel and medical insurance will make sure you have adequate cover for this Kilimanjaro climb, giving you peace of mind.

During The Climb

Go Slowly

The people leading you will constantly be telling you, ‘pole, pole’, which is ‘slowly, slowly’ in Swahili! Even if you feel ok, you should slow down and enjoy the scenery around you. You could give yourself terrible altitude sickness if you climb too fast.

Drink Lots of Water

3-4 waters per day is highly recommended, as it’s the best medicine to fight off sickness and keep you energised. Buy water from the hotel on the first day so you have bottles to collect water from the mountain in on the rest of your trip.


You’ll be on the mountain for 5-6 days, so it’s essential that you bring everything you need. You’ll need lots of clothing, and especially socks to last you through this. Pack your items individually in plastic bags, as you’ll come across numerous streams and probably experience lots of rainfall.

What to Wear

What you wear is very important. You’ll need:

●     Correct underwear.
●     Thermal hiking socks.
●     Gloves.
●     Head protection.
●     A raincoat.
●     Sunglasses.
●     Sun protection cream.
●     Hiking boots.
●     Running shoes.
●     A ski pole.
●     Shorts.
●     Tshirts.

Beware of Acute Mountain Sickness

AMS affects people who are not used to climbing at high altitudes. If not treated immediately, this illness can be lethal. Around 70% of people will suffer from this in one form or another so make sure you learn about what to expect and how to treat it for the best results.

Above all else, you should make sure that you enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. By following the tips above you’ll be well prepared mentally and physically, feeling confident to take on the huge mountain and tick this experience off your bucket list. You can do it!


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  3. I follow these advice because I hardly have time to do major cleaning, so I always clean right away and don't wait for weekend. For more thorough cleaning, I adopt one room a day so I really have a free weekend and simply enjoy and rekax :)

  4. I think I'm doing everything around here Joy on a short cut everytime. When you have kids, things will just get jumbled up no matter how you tidy but thanks for the tips :)

  5. I so agree on all the tips you enumerated. I'm a clean and a neat freak bordering OC (daw), my day is not complete without dusting around the house. Buti na lang, SAHW ang atsay hahaha.

  6. decluttering is really good and teaching kids to tidy up their own bedroom is a way to go for me! my daughter loves her mini broom in her bedroom hehe

  7. I have to agree with these tips...and I applied most of them!

  8. THese are very sound advice/tips and I am with you with the micro fiber cloth. I know that having small kids is not an excuse but it's hard keeping up most of the times.

  9. These cleaning tips are so easy for others to follow and at the same time, it can make your house clean by doing these things. It'll just take minutes to do it. Thanks for this! :D

  10. Thanks for sharing this ate! Maganda yung training the children to make their beds early in the morning :) It's a good training para they can grow up naman bringing that good cleaning attitude with them!

  11. Very good cleaning tips! I might as well do all these. I never ever did any major frequent cleaning. When it's executed properly, I am sure decluttering is as easy as one, two, three. Hihihi!


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