3 Things you need to get rid of

It's hard to know what you need to do to trim the fat from life, it's something a lot of people seem to be determined to do, but no one seems to know how. It's amazing how much difference going to that little extra effort to get rid of the most stagnant things can make in your life. Here are three of the important things you need to get rid of if you're going to make a serious go of out with the old and in with the new.

 "go out with the old and in with the new"
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Old Acquaintances

There are a lot of people that once were friends but the ties of time and experience makes gaps between people that, if you don't work at it, can erode the friendship entirely.. Once this happens there really isn't any point to the pretense of being friends any more. If you have nothing in common and you don't spend time together there isn't really a friendship to keep up. Think about these old people, who brings something new and interesting to your life and who just drags you down? If it drags you down feel free to walk away, it may seem a little cold but in the long run it will almost certainly be the right choice.

The Extra Junk in Your House

People have a lot of stuff in their houses that they don't really need. If this is the case you need to get rid of them, but for one reason or another everyone seems to feel the need to keep it all. This doesn't necessarily mean destroying them, but some of this stuff should be thrown out if at all possible. If you can't bring yourself to throw things away there are some other options. You can give the extra stuff to charity, or there are a lot of long term storage options available at Fort Knox Storage. Getting rid of the excess frees you up to grow up as a person, redecorate and start over with a new living space and a new life.

Bad Memorabilia

This does not mean tacky or unattractive memorabilia, it means memorabilia of bad moments in your life. Too many people keep things that remind them of ex partners, old jobs or bad experiences. The idea that just because something has emotional resonance in your life you need to keep it and hold it somehow sacred has somehow infested our culture. This is a mistake, if something bogs you down in emotions you aren't comfortable with feel free to just throw it out.

Getting rid of your old junk is a stressful idea, but if things are holding you back the only real option is to throw it out. If you want to improve your life you can get rid of the old to gain some new. There is a whole world of new possibilities out there.


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