Mark the dates for family breaks with the 2014 list of Philippine Holidays

Filipino families and holiday seekers will have ample of time to unwind this year. With the recent declaration of Malacañang's Proclamation No. 655 there will be at least 18 specified national holidays to be observed for the year 2014. The enumerated holidays includes 4 long weekends that can make way to schedule a family getaway.

The four long weekends are as follows:

The first long weekend will kick off on January 31, Friday which has been declared a special non-working holiday due to the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

The second long weekend is on Holy Week which will start on April 17, Maundy Thursday until April 19, Black Saturday.

The third one is on August since the last Monday of the month will be the National Heroes Day, August 25 is a regular holiday.

Finally the last long weekend is during the Christmas holidays. Christmas holidays will be longer this year as December 24, Wednesday, and December 26, Friday, are declared as special non-working days.

Below is the list of holidays for 2014. Soon to follow is the issuance of separate proclamations for the observance of Eid’l Fitr and Eidul Adha.

January 1, 2014, Wednesday – New Year’s Day (Regular Holiday)

January 31, 2014, Friday – Chinese New Year (Special non-working day)

February 25, 2014, Tuesday – EDSA Revolution anniversary (Holiday for all schools)

April 9, 2014, Wednesday – Araw ng Kagitingan (Regular Holiday)

April 17, 2014 – Maundy Thursday (Regular Holiday)

April 18, 2014 – Good Friday (Regular Holiday)

April 19, 2014 – Black Saturday (Special non-working day)

May 1, 2014, Thursday – Labor Day (Regular Holiday)

June 12, 2014, Thursday – Independence Day (Regular Holiday)

August 21, 2014, Thursday – Ninoy Aquino Day (Special non-working day)

August 25, 2014, Monday – National Heroes Day (Regular Holiday)

November 1, 2014, Saturday – All Saints Day (Special non-working day)

November 30, 2014, Sunday – Bonifacio Day (Regular Holiday)

December 24, 2014, Wednesday – Additional special non-working day (Special non-working day)

December 25, 2014, Thursday – Christmas Day (Regular Holiday)

December 26, 2014, Friday – Additional special non-working day (Special non-working day)

December 30, 2014, Tuesday – Rizal Day (Regular Holiday)

December 31, 2014, Wednesday – Last day of the year (Special non-working day)



  1. this is interesting, you are right if a family plans for a short getaway it would be best to do it during the observe holidays.

  2. Wish I could enjoy some of those Holidays there in Pinas. I miss home!

  3. I'm amazed with the number of holidays the country has, or the President has declared! Might be a great time to spend with family or friends, but I think there's a sense of unproductive(ness) as well. Dito kasi sa US, there's not a lot of holidays that's considered non-working. Many holidays here are still working days for people. :)

  4. These are one of the things I miss about our Philippines the legal holidays. Here in US when you work in a very demanding Private company there is no excuses whatsoever, holidays with pay is very limited too. It sucks, people think oh well at least we get paid in dollar but come to think of it our bills are in dollar too so do the Math!

  5. was checking the public holidays ystrdy for my families vacation here in Malaysia. I can see there is no holiday in october ouch! must move our plan soon so we can book some tickets

  6. 4 long weekends, that indeed is great for a short family get-away. can't wait for my next 3 day weekend :)

  7. Yahoo!!! Ang daming holidays. We don't have that here. Bilang na bilang ang legal holidays. Buti na lang I'm not in the workforce at least, I'm not missing anything.

  8. Foreign companies doesn't want the number of holidays we have plus the fact that pay is double. Since we give quality work, it outweighs the disadvantage. Can't wait for Chinese New Year! ^_^

  9. Sis J,

    I hope that you enjoy all the holidays with your family and do something fun and memorable :-)

  10. April is it!! dyan kami mag- family day out.

  11. Yay! Excited for the long weekends. I will bookmark this site para balikan ko tomorrow so I can start jotting down for the important dates sa planner ko :)

  12. I use a lot of cleaning compounds at home. I hope of minimizing them, and probably use organic and natural products.

  13. I feel so green with envy!

    When I've worked for the Philippine Government before the big move out here in the Land Down Under, I've always looked forward for public holidays coz even if we do report for work on regular holidays, we are paid! Now that I live and work in Sydney, every holiday is so precious coz it's so scarce!!! I miss it back home!


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