Breastfeeding tips: Foods to Avoid for Nursing Moms

Many pregnant women are very mindful of what they eat during their pregnancy to keep the baby inside their womb healthy; however, some tend to forget that there are also certain dietary rules needed to follow while breastfeeding as well.

Breastfeeding is recommended not only to save time and money but because of its various health benefits intended both for the baby and the mother. Breastfed babies are less likely to become obese nor develop allergies, have a lower risk of developing stomach illnesses, ear infections and other diseases. While, nursing moms reduce the risk of breast and ovarian cancer and a lower risk of experiencing postpartum depression.

If you are nourishing your baby with breast milk you must keep in mind that whatever food you eat, drink or medications you take may have an effect on the quality of your milk and reach your baby too. Breastfeeding experts advise lactating mothers to avoid the following foods:

Caffeinated drinks

Work at home mothers drink coffee or tea to keep them alert and awake to finish home chores and online tasks so as to take care of their infant.  The caffeine intake can cause symptoms of irritability for the baby.  It is advised to limit caffeinated drinks to small amounts in order not to disturb your baby’s sleeping patterns. 

Dairy products

Consuming large amounts of dairy products like cow’s milk can develop colic and can cause eczema in babies. Resort to eating green leafy vegetables to supplement the calcium you get from dairies.

Spicy foods and Citrus fruits

Curry, chili, peppers and other spicy foods as well as some citrus fruits may upset an infant’s stomach which could cause diarrhea or vomiting or may develop skin rashes. Eat them in moderation as the baby’s sensitive digestive system still can’t handle the acidity and high vitamin C content of these foods.

Foods that can make a baby gassy

Chocolates contain caffeine and can make a baby gassy, so as some vegetables like cabbage, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower and beans. You may still include them in your diet but eat them only in small quantities. Good alternatives that will give the same health benefits are malunggay and spinach leaves.


Alcohol drinking must be totally avoided while breastfeeding. Too much or heavy drinking may result in reduction of milk supply. Alcohol intake will also affect the baby’s motor development and nervous system.

Soy products

Soy are high in protein, the hormonal effects of soy may hinder the baby’s growth and brain development.

Mint, parsley, sage

Dishes cooked with excessive amounts of mint, sage or parsley can decrease the milk supply.

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