Yahmir’s day with the Animé

The world of Animé, an abbreviated pronunciation of Animation in Japanese has been an instant hit to the younger generation nowadays. Anime shows, books and manga fall into a number of existing genres such as comedy, sci-fi, action-adventure, drama and so on which are usually featured via hand-drawn or computer animated characters.

My youngest son, Yahmir is a big fan of animé.  My husband, his elder brother and I fully support him in his present interest.  He occasionally joins cosplay events and contests due to his academic schedule.  However, we make sure that he can still watch and attend such events during school break.

December 28, 2013 was one of his best days ever - that is as how he described it. He was very happy and thankful that we accompanied him to the Ozine Fest Animé Figure Special 2013 held at SM Mega Mall MegaTrade Hall. Cosplayers around the metro gathered together at the event which made it more exciting and full of fun.  My husband and I enjoyed looking at the colorful costumes and anime portrayal of the participants. There are a lot of booths selling animé stuffs aside from the art contest, cosplay competition, art and toy photoshoot contest and a lot more. Yahmir, Charm and his Kuya roamed around to take pictures with the cosplayers.

Below are just some of Yahmir's numerous photos taken with the cosplayers during the event.

Yahmir with Daddy

Yahmir with Kuya JM and Ate Charm

Because I am not that familiar with this hip, I at first have been wondering what is it that makes animé so special that it caught my son’s attention. As parents we also need to do researching on the latest trends and interests of our children. Answers came in slowly as I observed, do a little researching and asked Yahmir to explain about it.

First, it is all about artwork, its art styles vary and range from basic to visually striking, flamboyant and outlandish. Both of my sons are having good hands in drawing and sketching animé characters.

Second, animé storylines run on lengthy episodes which capture the emotional involvement of the viewers.

Lastly, most story ideas tackle a cultural tone, that is some shows are takeoffs on Japanese history, and even adaptations of classic literature like Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo and other interesting story formats that reflects the viewers interests whether young or adults.

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  1. I wanted to be part of Cosplay since 2011. I have an anime in mind that I'd like to emulate. Although I'm not tall enough, I'd like to be that anime character who is buff but not really brute-looking. This 2014, it's already part of my plan to rebuild my body. hehehe

    Not really vain but I somehow wish I was younger when I was more physically active before.


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