How to Find the Right Colour Scheme for Your Home

Choosing the right colour scheme for your home can be a challenge, but it is also a very powerful tool to spruce up your interior and let your personality shine. You should never make a half-hearted decision when it comes to colour. Make sure that you think long and hard about which palette will be right for you and right for your home.

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Have Fun

When choosing colours for your home, don’t feel as if you need to follow any rules or predetermined techniques. You can do absolutely anything that you choose. Be creative and experiment with colours and ideas that are quirky and out there. You’re never going to know which scheme is right for you unless you try as many options as possible. Keep your mind open and your colour senses tingling.

Think About Your Furniture

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when choosing a colour scheme for your home is to forget to consider the way it will look with your furniture. Nobody wants colours that clash or look tacky. So be sure to take all of this into consideration. Try moving your furniture around to see if you can create contrasting or interesting tones. Remember that you don’t want to be reorganising your furniture down the track to find that your new layout completely clashes with your palette.

Consider Your Lighting

This is a very important thing to remember. The colour that you choose is never going to look exactly like the swatches you have tested or the colour on the paint can. Colour is nothing but a reflection of light, so your interior lighting is going to have a massive effect on the colour scheme. Spend some time testing colours in each room. Make sure that you check to see what it looks like at all times of the day: in the morning when the sun is rising, the middle of the day when it is at its highest and when its setting and will havea direct effect on your colours.

Think of Other Ways to Add Colour

If you’re looking to spruce up your home with some new paint, remember that there are other ways of splashing the colour around. If you’re weary about using a bright paint, consider something more neutral, but perhaps some colourful drapes or furniture to give the room a splash of character. Never think that the only way to add colour to a room is through the paint. There are many different ways. You just need to experiment and find which style suits you.
There are so many things and more to consider when choosing a palette for your home: furniture, paint and extras all add a little something extra. But be careful to take every detail into consideration. Once you paint, it can be had to undo. So think long and hard before you make any big decisions. For more information about sprucing up your home have a look at Coral Homes on White Pages and Coral Homes on True Local.

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  1. I will be assuming a house real soon and your tips are really very helpful. I hope though we can transfer this month, so to check for the theme I would like to put up in my house.

    Little Home

  2. Thanks for the tips! I'd really like my house to be my favorite color but I think it'd be nicer if they were balanced.

  3. ugh! just my problem! I swear I have issues with mixing and matching colors for a well balance interior, LoL! But with fashion, I don't have issues with mix and match. How ironic! Thanks for all these sis :)

    Purses & Bags

  4. True. As for me, I personally practice feng shui with it too

  5. That's a very sleek look for a bedroom, I wish mine is like that all the time.

  6. That's true. Just make sure that you corporate the theme to your furnitures too. I love lighter colors.


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