Dr Who anniversary: time to get excited!

The 50th anniversary of the world’s best-loved time travelling Gallifreyan is soon to descend on Britain, invading not only our televisions but also our cinema screens in full 3D on the 23rd of November. Here are five reasons fans are getting excited for this historic moment.

'The Day of the Doctor' 

The feature length episode 'The Day of the Doctor' will not only see the return of David Tennant, recently voted Whovians' favourite Doctor, but will also feature John Hurt as a mysterious prior incarnation that spawned after Paul McGann but before Christopher Eccleston’s version. Confused? Don’t worry; it’s all just wibbly wobbly, time-y wimey… stuff! With so many doctors and a few assistants popping up in one episode, it's sure to be unmissable. The cinema screenings have proven so popular that over 200 theatres around the country are taking part, recently adding more show times when the original allocation sold out! 

Official 50th celebrations 

As well as the special episode, there is a three-day Doctor Who event being held at London’s ExCel Centre from the 22nd – 24th November. It will demonstrate how the show's effects are created and features props, stunts and explosions! Unfortunately it is completely sold out, but if you happen to have a TARDIS lying around you could go back in time and pick some up...

Doctor Who-themed gifts

If you didn't get tickets for the ExCel Centre, there's a wide range of Christmas gifts to help the Whovian in your life celebrate this monumental milestone in the show’s history. From the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Essential Guide to models and toys of the TARDIS (unfortunately they're not bigger on the inside) and the 11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver, you'll find something online to suit fans of every age! You can also pre-order 'The Day of the Doctor' on either DVD or Blu-ray to enjoy over some fish fingers and custard.


For those fans entertaining guests over the festive period, Trivial Pursuit have released a special Doctor Who-themed version, which will test the knowledge of even the most ardent Whofan. Anyone into more solitary pursuits will also enjoy a mind-boggling 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle based on the episode 'Vincent and the Doctor,' which featured artist Vincent Van Gogh.

Peter Capaldi

While new Doctor Peter Capaldi won't be in 'The Day of the Doctor,' the actor is already getting Who fans excited for the moment he takes over from current star Matt Smith. Capaldi, who is best known for comedy The Thick of It, will first appear in this year's Christmas special, although he has already had a small part in one previous episode, which saw Tennant's Doctor and companion Donna visit the doomed Roman city of Pompeii. It's not just Capaldi that fans are keen to see in action this Christmas, however: the episode will mark Smith's final appearance as the Time Lord, and writer Steven Moffat has described his last few scenes as 'a contender for the best performance ever by anyone as the Doctor'.     

Those without their own time machine will have to wait to enjoy 'The Day of the Doctor' and to see how Peter Capaldi handles the role of a lifetime.

Photo credits: facebook.com/DoctorWho


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