Adding a personal touch to Christmas 2013

As Christmas fast approaches, many of us are looking for ways to get a little more festive. When the big day finally arrives, we’ll need a selection of activities to keep our loved ones entertained – snoozing in front of the TV simply won’t do! In this post, we’ll show how you can add a quirky, personal touch to your festivities that are guaranteed to make this Christmas the best yet.

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When it comes to celebrating Christmas, badges may not instantly spring to mind, but they can be a really nice touch to the day.

Get some personalised badges printed with some festive nicknames on. Choose names like ‘Scrooge’, ‘Santa’s Little Helper’ or ‘Frosty the Snowman’ and let your guests select which name best suits them. It’ll be a great icebreaker and will get your guests mingling and talking with one another. 

You can get your badges from specialist retailers like Badgemaster: you can buy as many, or as few, as you need.

Name places

If you’re hosting Christmas dinner for the family this year, you’ll need to sort out the table arrangement. Putting people that have little in common next to each other is a sure way of stunting the conversation, while keeping friendship groups together can cause cliques forming.

It’s always best to intersperse people, placing them next to people they would normally talk to, but near to those they wouldn’t. This will aid group interaction during the meal and could even make some unlikely friendships.

To ensure everyone sits in the correct place, you should make your own place cards and holders. Take a look at this guide from All About You and make some really stylish ones using a simple pine cone. Your guests will really appreciate all of the effort you’ve gone to.

A visit from Santa

Nothing quite says Christmas like a visit from the big man in red. If you’ve got young children in the family, it’s a great idea to get one of your relatives to dress as Santa and deliver some last minute gifts that he ‘forgot’ on Christmas Eve. You can pick up an inexpensive, yet authentic-looking, suit from Walmart.

The presents needn’t be extravagant; a selection box here or a pair of socks there will do the trick. It’s all about creating a memorable experience that the littlest of guests will never forget. Of course, even big kids will love it too!


  1. Driving during winter is extra dangerous as roads are slippery so drivers really have to take caution.

  2. very nice tips! i have a friend who's from denmark which they have snow too! she had this accident that her car slipped in the middle of the road with her kids. you gotta drive really carefully and slow as the ice makes your car fat somehow alreayd

  3. I like how it does have a personal touch to it - it makes it much more special. :)

  4. Be extra careful when driving during winter. I watched a movie, he was driving fast in a winter then he got into accident.

  5. there is no better way than being safe and prepared. and with the winter season, people should be extra careful and the tips here will greatly help. Yahweh bless.

  6. I believe this is one of the best Holidays that we work on many things. We can decorate our home with festive ways.

  7. I think this would be a cool game. It would really be funny who ends up as Scrooge.

  8. these are great tips Mommy Joy! kame naman we're getting the car ready for long drives :)

  9. These are great tips. The Santa idea is awesome, it would really bring joy to the kids.

  10. Thank you for the tips! My hubby loves entertaining guests at home as he is more of the party buff than me. It is nice to know these tips you shared as we never thought of using badges as ice breaker in our parties. It is sure nice to come up with cute Christmas nicknames like Tinsel Glitter Shoes (I got that from someone's wall in FB hahaha and it's so cute!).

  11. thanks for this helpful tips.. especially now that there are lots of deaths coming from car accidents (as I have observed)

  12. mai @ maithankfulheart.comDecember 21, 2013 at 5:19 AM

    These are great tips. I love the idea of Santa paying a visit the most. Yes, even big kids would be thrilled, I'm sure.

  13. I am sure my sister have done some of these tips, It's winter already in Canada.

  14. These are great ideas. I was too late to read this. I never got the chance to use some of it last holiday.Sweet Home Keeping


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