The battle of Carpet, Tile and Timber flooring. Which is best for you?

Whether you've chosen to build your new home or renovate an existing structure, choosing the right flooring for you and your family can often pose a daunting question. While there are benefits to all styles of flooring, you must consider which is best for your lifestyle, cleaning and comfortability. Having children and pets is often a major deciding factor when choosing your flooring, as most parents will consider hygiene and cleaning a big part of their choice. For some more information when choosing the right flooring for you and your family, read on to discover the benefits and disadvantages of carpet, tiles and timber flooring.

Carpet Flooring

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For those home owners living in a cooler climate, there's often nothing nicer than stepping out of bed on to a warm, plush carpet, as stepping onto ice cold tiles in the morning can be quite a shock! Carpet is often a great choice for home owners who are trying to create a warm and homey feeling in their new house and is often referred to as the choice that feels more welcoming. While there are many benefits to carpet flooring, it is also important to consider the hygienic concerns on carpeted flooring. Unlike tiles and timber flooring, carpets are much harder to easily sanitise, a deciding factor for many parents and pet owners.

Tile Flooring

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Tile flooring is becoming increasingly popular amongst many home owners, as it provides an easy to clean surface, perfect for families and pet owners. While the tiles may not offer the warm feel of carpet, the surface is easy to clean up spills and can easily be warmed up with a nice rug in the centre of a room. Tile flooring is also considered as one of the most resistant flooring solutions, meaning scuffs and shoe marks are generally easy to remove.

Timber Flooring

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In many older, renovated houses, home owners have chosen to keep original timber flooring, as it offers a classic and quaint look. While timber flooring is beautiful to look at, be aware that it does require quite a bit of maintenance, particularly if you have children, pets or like to wear high-heels. If you're too worried about having fun in your home, stay away from timber surfacing, as it is a “no shoes is the house” kind of style.

While it may be a difficult decision to choose a flooring surface for your home, always consider that you can make a mixture of a few, or even all three. In cooler climates a warm carpeted floor is perfect for the bedroom, but consider tiles in the kitchen, laundry and other common areas. Before making your decision, visit websites such as to gain all the information you need to make the right choice for you and your family.


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