Staying active during the winter

When the temperatures start to plummet, it can be tempting to burrow into our duvets only to return when the sun has resurfaced. The last thing on our minds is donning our t-shirts and shorts and heading out on a run – no chance!

Many people’s fitness levels drop in the colder months as we lack the motivation to exercise. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. These top tips will help you stay active this winter.

Don’t give up

Once the dark nights arrive and the temperature hits single figures, many people give up on the outdoor sports they usually love. There are other alternatives to ditching your outdoor pursuits though.

If you’re part of a sports team, you could move the game inside a fitness centre in order to shelter from the elements. However, this isn’t always necessary – some sports can still be played outdoors. 

If it’s lighting that is preventing you from playing, why not pick up some portable floodlights? Available from Polimil, these bright LED lights will instantly illuminate the court or pitch, allowing you to remain outside in the fresh air.

Wrap up

The most important thing to remember about keeping active outdoors is to dress appropriately. Shorts and t-shirts won’t keep you warm, while piling on layer upon layer of knitwear may not be beneficial either.

Instead of opting for your chunkiest clothing, wearing a few thin layers can be much more effective. These will be great insulators while you can still easily remove any should you get too hot.

Be seen

If your hobby of choice is running or cycling, you’ll need to take adequate precautions to ensure that you are seen when exercising during those dark nights and early mornings.

High-visibility clothing and garments with reflective strips will help to keep you seen. Make sure you have working lights on your bike too, as without them you can easily be missed by motorists.

For more information on staying safe while cycling in the winter, check out this guide from Halfords.


  1. It's really hard to move around especially when it's cold. Thanks for the tips!

  2. it's just nice to stay in and cuddle with your loved one when its cold outside hahaha but I like cold better than hot coz i can bundle up my clothes

  3. i like hot chocolate on a cold day haven't experienced extreme coldness or winter yet wil have to try sometime haha

  4. Fortunately we don't have winter in the Philippines else I don't think I can also live and work comfortably. I'm such a sucker for warm and hot climate and this is one of the reasons why I love our country so much.

  5. It's the best to workout on the colder months as you don't deal with too much humidity but it's also the laziest time of the year.

  6. To be active during winter is making your way to stay warmer and beat the chilling effect of the winter. How I wish I could experience this kind of season and making myself active as to your suggestion.

  7. Hahaha! Im guilty with being the lazy one when weather gets colder. we're here in the Phil but we also experience that. Couch potato-ing!

  8. it sure is one cause for our energy to drop, but a drop in the weather's temperature ought to give us more reason to work out even more + burn those calories. as for me, i just wish i had the energy! lol

  9. We don't have winter here in the Philippines but I must admit that whenever the temperature reached its coolest (Philippines definition of cool) then you will totally just see me lying around, haha.


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