Showers – Three Big Things You Need to Know

Taking the first steps on the bath to a bathroom redecoration can be a fairly daunting exercise. What is seemingly one decision actually breaks down into multiple other choices, which can bewilder and confuse.

One of these big choices is what type and style of shower to plump for. This is not just a consideration of setups and other technical considerations such as connections and systems, but also one of style and looks, too.

I like to think I’m a helpful soul, with time for everybody. To that end, I have thrown together a short list of three essential points to consider when you set out to get yourself a brand new shower. You are most welcome.

Going Thermostatic? 

For those that aren’t aware, the main selling point of a thermostatic shower is that it will automatically maintain your chosen temperature. A standard mixer shower will require your input to accurately balance the taps to achieve your desired heat. The advantage here is that you avoid what can be a frustrating dance judging both streams of water, while also inuring yourself against other people in the house siphoning off your hot water supply when they want to wash up or clean up elsewhere. Thermostatic valves are also fitted with additional safety features, such as anti-scalding devices. 

Looks & Design 

This salient point regards how your new shower is going to look once installed in your bathroom.Styles truly do vary, ranging from classic, traditional looks to startling contemporary designs.Personal taste will really weigh in when it comes to whether you go with an exposed or concealed shower. You should bear in mind that, while this is a design concern, it is also a technical one. This is because a concealed shower requires a certain amount of access to - and clearance within - your chosen wall to effect a proper installation.

Get Your Kit On 

With this point I am hoping to save you some money and hassle. The fact is, in the overwhelming majority of cases,a full shower kit is far cheaper than a piecemeal purchase.Quality kits will include a valve, shower head(s), a shower arm and riser rail, for instance, as well as the correct fixtures to aid with installation. As a side note, be sure to ask about and secure a solid warranty, as if things do go wrong it is better to let your manufacturer carry that can rather than yourself. Guarantees of a decade or more are now not rare in this market, so do shop around.


  1. I wish we can also make our bathroom even more splending for a more happy shower time! heehee. That'd be really nice indeed.

  2. The model bathroom is exactly what I want in a bathroom, sleek and clean.

  3. those sure are great tips to remember when setting up your own shower, i will keep them handy, in case we got lucky + found ourselves buying our very own house one day!

  4. Noted these things, especially since we are thinking about putting a shower in the attic area.

  5. I would love a bigger and brighter bathroom.


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