Raising A Toughie: Introducing Mountain Bikes To Adventurous Kids

Adventurous parents would surely make tough role models to their kids. But of course, before you’d allow your kids to engage in any hard-hitting activities, you want to ensure that they will be safe. For moms and dads who love mountain biking, searching for a kid’s size bike needs thorough considerations. We need to make certain that it should have the working parts and features of a regular bike, but it should be smaller, weigh a little lighter and made according to their reach. If you are searching for a good bicycle to buy then Global Bike is one of the best venues to check out mountain bikes, road bikes as well as safety gears and accessories that you can get for your kid.

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There are no age requirements on starting to ride bikes and you can find hundreds of models suitable for your kids’ height and abilities. For starters, your kids’ maybe eager to learn and ride a mountain bike even before they learn to balance on two wheels so make sure that your kid engages in sports activities to develop his muscles and maintain power for biking. 

Moreover, getting a mountain bike for your child’s first should be a well-thought purchase. You can find cheap models but these may only cost you more in the long run or it may make your kid exert more effort than necessary. Keep in mind that smaller wheels will need more paddles to cope up with adult bikes especially if you got a 26 inch mountain bike wheels. Also, never compromise on safety gears. A helmet, elbow and shin guards will ensure your kids’ protection while they are trying it out.
Demonstrate everything to your child. Teach him or her about the different parts and how they work and let him try it out. Always be around when your kid is trying out or practicing. Preferably, you should be dismounted so that you can catch him or her in case of any accidents. Allow your kid to learn at their own pace and don’t be too keen on rushing him up to the more difficult or complex things. Practice on easy trails until he is ready to take it to the next level.

Most importantly, never let him out of your sight when you are out on the trail. If he lags behind, stop and allow him to catch up. Kids who lag behind may get hasty and hurry to get to you. With these kinds of activities with kids, safety should always come first. 


  1. This is something that my son is looking forward to. Biking around the neighborhood is no longer challenging for him. He wants to ride in mountainous part.


  2. emotionallyentertainingNovember 27, 2013 at 12:19 PM

    When I was a young girl I used to like biking. But when I fell and scratched, I stopped riding a bike. Now I am thinking of getting one for exercise purposes.


  3. Biking was my hobby when I was a kid. The first time I ever cried for something was because of a kiddie bike! Haha. I kind of feel bad my parents didn't pursue this hobby of mine but I guess their reasons is because they're after my safety. Like you've mentioned here, it really is important to choose the right bike and protection equipments for biking for your children. Thanks for sharing!!



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