Equal importance of Sight and Sound

Sight and hearing are two equally important senses that are needed to be monitored in the family’s health. More often than not we tend to notice at once if one of our kids is having problems with seeing things and do corrective measures in the soonest time by seeing an ophthalmologist.  However, we do not detect problems of defective hearing immediately.

While vision allows us to learn more about the surrounding world, hearing enables us to be aware of what is around and experience the world around us through sound. Sight and sound are important communication tools which provide our mind and body with much needed information in our daily life.

As parents we need to teach our children the significance of these two senses in their daily activities. Though they can learn the importance of these senses in school, it is still advisable to inform them how they can protect and care for their sense of sight and sound. 

To enjoy life to the fullest it is necessary for these two vital senses be checked periodically and seek expert advice if needed to ensure the family’s best of health.

The infographic below draws attention to some interesting facts about sight and sound.


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