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Shopping is a regular activity for everyone regardless of the amount of money you have.  You shop for things you need around the house.  It might not be a big deal for some people but several cents of savings here and there can actually add up.  I was inspired by an avid coupon clipper on television the other day who managed to spend only a little over a hundred dollars for nearly a thousand dollars’ worth of groceries.  That’s definitely something I want to experience.  Getting Futurebazaar coupons is a good start.  There are vouchers there that give as much as 70% in discounts.

For online shoppers, there are a few tricks to credit slip searching.  It is important to remember that not all discount ticket sites are the same.  You want to find sites that give you only the best price cut on high quality products.  Make sure that the offers are still valid.  There should be information about the shops and stores offering the discounts so you can check the validity of the offers.  This will also allow you to check whether these are legitimate establishments or retail outlets.  Even when you are doing your shopping with these vouchers, you only want deal with reputable stores and merchants. 

Searching for online discount tickets is made easier with categories that feature items with the best offers.  Look for pages marked with the following labels:

Steals and Clearances

The items listed in this area are usually past season items or excess inventory.  I have actually saved a lot by shopping in clearance sales both online and offline.  They are marked down considerably since the merchants want to move the items out of their stores to make way for new items.    

Daily Deals

Although this is a great feature, you have to log in daily to see what the offer is.  There are sites, however, that allow you to subscribe to daily notifications to update you on the latest deals.  When you see a discount voucher that you want, you have to grab it right away as it will not be available anymore the next day.


I love getting things for free, who doesn’t?  There are slips that have buy one, take one offers.  There are also those that give you a free gift with your purchase.  The freebies are not usually substantial in value.  However, if you are buying something that you really need, getting a freebie with it is a bonus.

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  2. Coupons and other means of getting deals is very important on this economic crunch.


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