Cleaning 101: Cleaning a Flooded Household

I love it when it rains as less dirt and dust gets in and home cleaning for me is much easier. The cool and fresh wind is also refreshing. The rain helps me to conserve water as I do not have to water my plants and can save on electric consumption too. However, there are also cons that the rainy days can bring.

The dilemma and burden of cleaning areas of homes soaked in floodwater is one of the extraordinary situations that most Filipinos tackle during the monsoon season. When too much heavy rains fall, floodwater arises, soaking vehicles and homes in most areas around the Metro.

Inundation is contaminated with different disease-causing germs, exposing every family member to various host of infections thus, tough cleaning is needed. To name some of the water-borne diseases we can get from the dirty floodwater are diarrhea, flu, and the deadly leptospirosis. Proper cleaning and sanitation is required to get rid and control the spread of such infections. 

Upon floodwater subsided immediately start to clear out the mud and other dirt left. Start from top to bottom. Clean soaked areas and surfaces first with soap and water – walls, floors, kitchen counters and other inundated areas. Yet, make sure to turn off the main electrical switch before doing so.

Sort out things and stuffs which can still be usable and discard those which can pose health hazards to your family.

According to health professionals, soap and water is not enough to clean household areas and surfaces, especially your food counters, kitchen and eating utensils.  It is best recommended to wash and sanitize them with a disinfectant solution.

Moreover, we can get rid of mold and mildew which can cause bronchial diseases and allergies to harbor under the sinks and cabinets affected by flood waters through sanitizing with a deodorizing and disinfectant solution.


  1. I can relate to this post. I have 3 children and balancing my time working and taking care of them really needs organizing in my part

  2. This is a good post. I will remind all the working moms to stay focus and organized their work as well as the working area.

  3. Oh dear. I failed in both tips. Haha! After we have moved to our new place here in the Philippines, I am still finding my own space!! And keeping it tidy is always a struggle. Thanks for the reminders!!

  4. I have my own work station.. kaya lang ang mga bagets, madalas akong agawan ng pwesto..

  5. your post is applicable to me. . . a working mom . thanks for the share sis

  6. an article applicable to me... a working mom

  7. I get it being busy and the things in the house are disorganized. Oh dear! Sometimes it drives me crazy. Organizing definitely is a must.

  8. I need to set up my own place, hay! Sometimes I want to work but I can't because everything is a mess. :/

  9. Very sound advice and I agree, keeping your working area neat and organized makes it easier to do the job.

  10. You sound like you are really organized, mommy Joy! I need these tips..heehee..I am so far from being organized.


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