A Date with the Jersey Boys

I have never been fond of watching musicals. I would like to believe that I am a picky viewer when it comes to such. While some may consider watching such as a way to feed their hunger for the arts, I consider it a luxury that should only be done when there’s a strong reason behind it. Nevertheless, I must admit that I would gladly spend my hard-earned money on Jersey Boys jukebox musical. To be able to get discounts on buying 4 tickets, I will compare price of Jersey Boys tickets at Big Ticket Shop UK just so my husband and I together with our two sons would never pass up the opportunity to watch them.

The story revolves mainly around the formation, success, and eventual break-up of The Four Seasons and its front man Frankie Valli. If you are not familiar with the group, perhaps because you were born long after the group disbanded, they were a rock and roll group that was quite successful and popular during the 1960s. They shot to fame and went over the top, literally and figuratively, because of their “doo-wop” harmonies – a huge trademark of the rhythm and blues genre – that were made better by Valli’s singular three-octave range.

Frankie Valli’s unusual falsetto voice was enough to make the group thrive despite competition from big-name artists as Elvis Presley, the Beach Boys, and even the Beatles. They were good enough to be hailed as kings of “rock and soul”. 

The musical is entitled Jersey Boys alluding to the fact that the group is formed by men who all hail from and live in New Jersey. Bob Gaudio, who was The Four Seasons’ keyboardist and tenor vocal, handles the music for the Jersey Boys. Hence, you can expect to hear many of the group’s popular hits, as well as songs they covered, such as Can’t Take My Eyes off You, My Eyes Adored You, Big Girls Don’t Cry, and Stay.

Tickets to the musical cost more or less £40.00, which, I must say, would be worth every pence. I would take my sons and husband to see it without batting an eyelash, and no, I am not a fan of The Four Seasons. I just appreciate their music even though I was not born during their era of fame. I was born during the 1960s, which would explain which genre I was born into.  I love the songs mentioned above, so it would definitely be an honor for me to watch this musical with my boys.


  1. Throwback concerts are really popular now so its nice that artists in the past have a chance to shine again.

  2. correct, and their rendition of songs make them one of a kind :)

  3. The price of attending such concerts may be expensive but it's the experience you get to treasure with your boys for a lifetime. :)

  4. Interesting.. I love watching such. I remember the movie "That Thing You Do" which I think is almost the same as the Four Season. Listening to oldies songs would be a breather from the song from current times which are mostly annoying and doesn't really make sense.

  5. I love the old school era hihi, beatles, mj, etc and those, this is why I enjoyed the 50's guitarist busking in Rome a while back! so fun!

  6. I would love to see this show if given the chance. It would be nice to hear The Four Seasons brand of music.

  7. it's a sad thing that i've never heard of them when beatles and elvis are still heard on the radio. anyway, congratulations for making it to enjoy the musical :)

  8. when we were in universal studios in singapore, we also encountered a group singing the same types of songs as them... it's actually quite cool to watch. Yahweh bless.

  9. I never heard of the Jersey Boys :-) I am not a fan of musicals too except with my kids shows that we watch twice :-) I love the music though :-) I am glad that nay fans of Jersey Boys will have an easy time buying for their tickets :-)



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