Through the Plughole – Celebrity Bathroom Style

I’m afraid even I am not immune to the glitzy allure of the celebrity. Millions of pages – web, magazine and newspaper – are now committed to this most postmodern of phenomena, and as I would love to bring you the best in bathroom design news it is inevitable that I will turn to the elevated brethren of the gossip columns.

So, while affecting my best David Frost, allow me to take you through the plughole and take a look at some famous people’s bathrooms. Well, there’s a sentence I never thought I’d ever write…

Robin Van Persie

I am unabashed here about starting with one of my heroes, the beloved Netherlands and Manchester United striker Robin Van Persie. As Arsenal fans will tearfully confirm, RVP used to be located down south, and his previous bathroom is a marvel of minimalism. A shower cubicle with simple glass door complements blocky ceramics, while the black storage drawers making for a delightful counterpoint for the muted tiles. There’s even a TV there so he could take in Match of the Day while in the tub. Talk about living the dream…

50 Cent

The room where 50 Cent would spend a penny is a pretty vast space that seems to combine both contemporary and traditional styling. The dark feature wall and diminutive toilet are opposed by traditional taps, for instance. The open ceiling is fresh and makes the room airy, while the main thing is whether a bidet is really all that ‘ghetto’…?

Ralph Lauren

I’ve picked this one just for the view, and am not ashamed to say so. I would happily bathe in a rusty bucket if out of the window lay the gorgeous green sprawl of New York’s Central Park. The mirrored walls do add serious depth and reflect the abundant light from that window, and there is plenty of storage in those serried cupboards along the walls. Beautiful.

Kate Winslet

Speaking of beautiful, the next bathroom under consideration is English rose Kate Winslet’s. I think it reflects her quite well: unfussy elegance, through the clean white walls and minimalist back to wall toilet, allied to distinctive class, exemplified by the glittering touch of a chandelier. His and hers sinks boosts functionality while a small shower arm supports a classic round shower head. Effective and cool.

Will Ferrell

I’m resisting all toilet humour puns here to bring you top-class American comedian Will Ferrell’s water closet. His Manhattan bathroom evinces some classic touches, such as the aqua tiles, mixed with whites and blues to evoke the sea. Storage comes in those unadorned white cupboards, while there’s not a shower riser rail in sight, the minimalist (that word again!) shower enclosure home to two concealed shower kits.

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